Sunday Recap (Dec 6-11)

Some new stuff this week. Mostly just a big Thanks to all the Pre-orders for our shirts. Again, thank you! They ship this week!
PKMN of the Week: Poliwhirl - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team - Featured Team
The Diglett Cave - News, Found Item
MOTW: Baton Pass - Weekly Move
Etsy Diving - Rare Article
Saturday Sketch - Saturday Sketch

Sunday Recap (Nov 29 - Dec 4)

It's been a pretty crazy week. We have a new site, and now you can pre-order our first custom Pokémon shirts. We also dropped a two hour podcast episode, as well as, a new segment on the site called "Concept Corner".
Here is your RECAP - 
PKMN of the Week: Miltank - Pokémon of the Week
MOTW: Swift - Weekly Move
We're Back! - News
Saturday Sketch - The... uh... Saturday Sketch

Sunday Recap for Eeveetober Week

Well I hope everyone enjoyed Eeveetober as much as I did. It was a great holiday. The end got a little rough **Leafeon**, and I apologize that due to too many Halloween Parties over the weekend... somethings got forgotten... anyways... here is your RECAP!

 Eeveelutions: Flareon - Rare Article

Mew, Myth or Fact - Found Item

Eeveelutions: Espeon - Rare Article

Eeveelutions: Umbreon - Rare Article

MOTW: Last Resort - Weekly Move

Sneak Peak Season 1 - Critical Hit! - Podcast

Eeveelutions: Glaceon - Rare Article

017 The Eeveetober - Podcast

Eeveelutions: Leafeon - Rare Article

Saturday Sketch - Saturday Sketch

Sunday Recap (Oct 11-16)

Lots and lots of news this week. The week started off very slow, but I think Episode 016 was a great way to end the week, and/or start your weekend!

Our biggest news was the Midwest Gaming Classic. We will have a booth there and we are super excited about it. Hopefully you guys can come out and visit us!!! Otherwise, enjoy the stuff you may have missed.
Issues - News
PKMN of the Week: Duskull - PKMN of the Week
Breeding 101 Recap - Breeding 101
Vacation - News
MOTW: Wood Hammer - Weekly Move
Mew!!! - News
Totodile Drawing - Saturday Sketch

Sunday Recap (Oct 3 - Oct 8)

PokéTalk, Free Pikachu, Breeding 101, and 2 Podcast Episodes. It was a busy week! Check out what you missed. 
PKMN of the Week: Wooper - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team - Featured Team
Get to know the Team - News, Found Item
MOTW: Teeter Dance - Weekly Move
Gym Leaders - Rare Article
015 The ConZilla - Podcast

Sunday Recap (Sept 27 - Oct 2)

If you new to the site and Podcast, well then... WELCOME! For everyone else, here is your weekly run down of everything we posted, did you miss anything?

Breeding 101: Natures - Breeding 101

PKMN of the Week: Poliwrath Vs. Politoed - PKMN of the Week

Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team

Let's Draw Pokémon Day! - News

MOTW: Brick Break - Weekly Move

Pokémon Comics - Rare Article

Hippopotas - Found Item

Sunday Recap (Sept 20-24)

We got a lot of traffic this week! That's awesome and we thank you guys so much. Here is a recap of what you missed the last week. We have a ton of new stuff to come too! Also, congrats to the winner of the PokéDex contest, and thanks so much for everyone who participated. 

011 The Shiny Ponyta - Podcast

Breeding 101: Individual Values (The Final Conflict) - Breeding 101

PKMN of the Week: Ponyta - PKMN of the Week

Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team

Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Movie - Found Item

MOTW (Move of the Week): Earthquake - Weekly Move (New Feature!)

Who Likes HMs? - Rare Article

Facebook Love - Found Item

012 The Winner - Podcast

Who Are You? - Found Item

Sunday Recap (Sept 13-17)

Lots of stuff happens in a week. Lets go over some of the stuff you may have missed!

010 Peta to Tortilla Chips - Podcast Episode 
PKMN of the WEEK: Bellsprout - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team
Amazing Shirt! - Found Item
iOS Device! - Found Item