Sunday Recap (Sept 20-24)

We got a lot of traffic this week! That's awesome and we thank you guys so much. Here is a recap of what you missed the last week. We have a ton of new stuff to come too! Also, congrats to the winner of the PokéDex contest, and thanks so much for everyone who participated. 

011 The Shiny Ponyta - Podcast

Breeding 101: Individual Values (The Final Conflict) - Breeding 101

PKMN of the Week: Ponyta - PKMN of the Week

Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team

Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Movie - Found Item

MOTW (Move of the Week): Earthquake - Weekly Move (New Feature!)

Who Likes HMs? - Rare Article

Facebook Love - Found Item

012 The Winner - Podcast

Who Are You? - Found Item

PKMN of the Week: Ponyta

Pokémon of the Week: Ponyta!

Ponyta is a Fire-type Pokémon.
It evolves into Rapidash starting at level 40.

Ponyta's abilityFlash Fire, causes it to power up if it is hit by a Fire-type move, and causes the move to have no effect. Ponyta, as a Fire-type, is capable of using a variety of Fire-type moves, and is one of the few Fire-type Pokémon capable of using Flame Wheel. As Ponyta’s hooves are quite hard, being ten times harder than diamonds, it is able to trample anything flat in little time.

Source: Bulbapeida: Ponyta

011 The Shiny Ponyta

The wait for Pokémon Black and White is finally over... if you live in Japan. This week we talk about some of those new Pokémon. We also go over another Featured team as well as talk about the Shiny Ponyta video. We also have the PKMN of the Week!

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Show notes: For a complete list of the New Black/White Pokémon. Also, this is the last week you can win the PokéDex, so click here to see the rules. Video Link.

Shiny Ponyta - a Critical Hit!

This kid may be my hero. If you thought the Double Rainbow video was amazing, we here at the Pokémon Podcast all agree that this tops that video ten fold. Not only does this video include music by Sum 41, but it also contains a Graphing Calculator. 10 mins may seem long, but if you love Pokémon as much as we do, this video is worth every second.