Sunday Recap (Sept 13-17)

Lots of stuff happens in a week. Lets go over some of the stuff you may have missed!

010 Peta to Tortilla Chips - Podcast Episode 
PKMN of the WEEK: Bellsprout - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team
Amazing Shirt! - Found Item
iOS Device! - Found Item


PKMN of the WEEK: Bellsprout

Pokémon of the Week: Bellsprout!

Bellsprout is dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon.
It evolves into Weepinbell starting at level 21, who evolves into Victreebel via Leaf Stone.

Special abilities

Despite their small size, Bellsprout are versatile. Their stem is long, thin and very flexible, making then capable of swerving rapidly to avoid many attacks it is weak to or move with blinding speed to capture prey. They can use their roots to replenish moisture and health from the ground if they get hit. They can also channel their roots through the ground to trip foes. They can also use their feet as insulator.

Source: Bulbapeida: Bellsprout