Stitcher Radio

As some of the fans know, we love iTunes. Others have expressed interest in our podcast, but wanted more means. Now we can introduce... Stitcher Radio! When our feed gets updated, you can stream the newest episodes live on your iOS Device, Android Device, and/or Kindle Fire. Pretty amazing right? 

Let Stitcher know how much you love that we can be accessed in their apps via Twitter or just by listening to our last episode about Mewtwo!

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Sunday Recap (Sept 13-17)

Lots of stuff happens in a week. Lets go over some of the stuff you may have missed!

010 Peta to Tortilla Chips - Podcast Episode 
PKMN of the WEEK: Bellsprout - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team
Amazing Shirt! - Found Item
iOS Device! - Found Item


iOS Device!

We have an iPhone/iPad/iPod icon now! Add us to your iOS device. Go to Safari on your device, click the + in the bottom center when your on our homepage, then click on "Add to Home Screen".

There you go! Access us on the go with our new icon we are quite proud of!
(If your curious, it's very JuneCloud inspired, but we are okay with that!)