$1000 to Child's Play

We couldn't be happier with how 649 Monsters went. We sold over 50 pieces of work of the 80 that we show-cased for everyone in Milwaukee. 

With that being said, if 649 Monsters was to happen again... we'd love to hear about it in the comments. Even possible locations, themes, time frames etc. 

I think the questions I was mosted asked when people were leaving the gallery was...

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MOTW: Round

Hiya, Trainers! As always, my name is Kenny and welcome to Move of the Week! Today we're looking at an interesting yet rarely used move; Round! Round is a Normal-Type Special Category move. It sports a Base Power of 60, an Accuracy of 100%, and a PP of 15 (Max 24). Now, you'd think that with a mediocre Base Power of 60 that there would be some secondary effect. Does it have a chance of causing a status effect? Nope. Well maybe it effects a stat like Snarl does? Hmm, sorry but no dice. Well at this point you're probably thinking...
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082 Catch 'Em If You Can

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This episode of It's Super Effective featured SBJ, Irene, and Kenny with our very special guest from the Top Cut, Kyle S. aka Pooka! Since last week was getting you pumped for this years VGCs, we talk about TCG and Nationals. We also interview Kyle, as well as, talk about news.

Host: SBJ | Guests: Irene, Kenny, and Kyle (aka Pooka) from the Top Cut

Decaf and DNA Faced - C2E2 2012 Live Panel

Decaf and DNA Faced - C2E2 2012 Live Panel from PKMNcast on Vimeo.

(Video Version of Episode 074) Decaf and DNA Faced is the live show from the 2012 C2E2. David and SBJ had over 80 people to present to. This is the audio only version. Video version coming soon. We talk about Japanese Folklore and answer audience questions. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out!!

MOTW - Nature Power

Hiya guys, how are you all doing? This is your friend Kenny here coming to you from PKMNcast Headquarters coming at you with another Move of the Week! I figured that today, rather than talking about some boring competitive move, I'd go over a more unique and, let's be honest here, fun move. Today we are taking a look at Nature Power!

To explain it in a unique way, I would say that Nature Power is kinda like the middle school kid who doesn't exactly know where they belong so, rather than trying to find out who they are, they try to fit in EVERYWHERE. Nature Power is a move that varies based upon the terrain that you are currently using as a battleground. When used, you will be informed that "Nature Power turned into ____!" meaning that Nature Power actually transforms into a different move.  The types of terrain change from game to game, but we will be taking a look at the Gen V games as they are the current standard.


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App Obtained! - "EV-Gear Free"

Heya guys, Kenny here with a neat app I found for the iPod and iPhone called "EV-Gear Free"! As we all know, EV training can be a bit tough, whether you're new to it or not. Learning how to EV train is hard enough, but keeping track of all of the EVs your current Pokémon can be kind of frusterating. That's where the app comes in; simply input your Pokémon and all of its information (Level, Nature, IVs, any EVs it may have obtained Pokérus stats, and the Brace it's currently holding) and 1... 2... Ta-daa! The app comes up with the stats you should be at!

Furthermore, you can then choose an area you want to train at and keep track of how many IVs you have obtained. Say I have a Pokémon with 0 Sp.Atk EVs, a Power Lens, and Pokérus. Let us then say that I defeated a Litwick. I press the corresponding button on the app, and it's all calculated! It's a little hard to explain, so please check it out yourself!

I really hope you guys get use out of this app. If you like it, make sure to give it a good review!

EV Gear Free - iTunes

MOTW: Simple Beam

Hey guys, Kenny here. I'm still not feeling my best, but I figured that I'd still do my duty and write a MOTW article (especially since I didn't write one last week). This week's move... Simple Beam! Kind of a weird move, huh? Anyway, let's get down to business.

Simple Beam is a Normal-Type status-inducing move with 100% accuracy, and 15 PP (which can be maxed out to 24). When used, the target of the attack has their Ability temporarily changed to the "Simple" Ability. A Pokémon with the "Simple" Ability is doubly affected by any stat change. This means that, for example, the move Harden would increase the user's Defense by 2 stages rather than 1, if that same Pokémon were to have the "Simple" Ability.

How can this be put to use? Can it even be put to use at all? Well, of course it can! In Double Battles, you can attack your own Pokémon, right? Say one of your Pokémon were to know Simple Beam, and another Curse and Gyro Ball. By using Simple Beam on your Curse / Gyro Ball Pokémon, you could set up for a killer combo in one turn! That's twice the Attack and Defense boost, and twice the Speed loss. You could also just use it to get rid of an opponent's unwanted Ability. While there aren't a ton of uses for this move, Simple Beam is definitely more than just a throw-away move. Next time you're looking for a unique way to spice up a battle, give this move a try!

069 The Pokémon Supremacy: Black and White 2

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A FULL cast this week. When we mean full, we mean 6 people. We take you on an amzing, funny journey in episode 069 leaving all the talk to the newly announced Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 that plans to hit Japan this June of 2012. We are also hosting a contest as well near the end of the show!!

Host: SBJ | Guests: A Full Cast