The New Blueprint

Thinking about everything that has happened, it honestly has brought tears to my eyes. There has been countless nights where I laid awake wondering if I should walk away from the site, to leave it as another failed project in life, to pursuit something else. I then wake up to "ping" and "cherps" from my iPhone and/or iMac letting me know I have e-mails. I read such things as:
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Featured Team is back (again)

This seems to be the most popular section of the site at times, yet it is the one that isn't updated weekly like our other content. That will all change next week when we introduce our new Featured Team editor. 

Some fans requested that I put my team on featured team because it was fan made, so without further ado, sbj's Black/White fan made team

Welcome our NEW Editor: Acciolove

If everything would have went smooth last night, episode 021 would have been up by now. In that episode we congratulated Sarah, aka acciolove, about becoming an editor. Whoooo! Yet, we have to re-record episode 021 again tonight. No big deal.

Acciolove is our new Pokémon Facts Editor. She will be providing fact about Pokémon stuff that you may not even know about. Sarah is our youngest editor, and if you read her bio, she is also my sister. After a couple months of begging me to be an editor, she came to me with the idea of doing weekly facts. Her first article is pretty awesome. I hope you guys enjoy what Sarah has to bring to the table, and everyone welcome her with open arms. 

-Steve (aka sbj)
Bug Catcher and Editor in Chief

Concept Editor: iatoshaunted

Jay, aka iatoshaunted, is our newest member on the Team. Probably our youngest editor by far. With that being said, Jay was very polite and awesome about approaching me with his concept of the Concept Corner. While I prefer having "adults" work on the site because of writing, layout, format, responsibility, I feel like that guy that should give people like Jay, a shot. You gotta start somewhere, right? 

Welcome Jay with open hands as the Concept Corner is his baby. The articles can only get better every time. 

Again, congrads Jay for becoming an editor. 

Founder, Creator, Bad Typist
"It's Super Effective" 

Catie - Our New Editor

We are absolutely pleased to introduce Catie as our new Saturday Sketch Editor. Her job will focus on getting amazing Pokémon Fan Art for you guys every Saturday. You may know Catie from the last couple episodes of "It's Super Effective". I'm so please that Catie is a part of this team, and if everything goes correctly, you can expect to see Catie at the Midwest Gaming Classic this upcoming March. 

Give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member!


Hey Guys,

It's Steve... aka.. sbj. I am on vacation this week until Friday, so there will be no Featured Team or Rare article this week. Don't worry though, they will all come back next week. We still did a PKMN of the week, along with a Breeding 101 recap. Aaron will have the Weekly Move up on Wednesday. Episode 016 will probably go live on Friday too, so you won't have to worry about that.

In case you feel Pokémon withdraw, jump over to our new PokéTalk forums. You could also catch up on your breeding articles. My week off will give us a chance to catch up of Featured Team talk for the Podcast too. 

You guys enjoy your week as much as I should. 

Vacation here I come.

Editor in Chief