Vacation for VGCs

I will be taking the next week off. During this time... I will be driving 8 hours to Indiana to compete in the VGCs. Hopefully, I make it past the last chance quailifier. If I do, then I move onto Saturday/Sunday!

I will be updating info on my Twitter or via the Facebook group. Even possibly Tumblr.

Any orders placed will be shipped late next week. Any e-mails for concerns, comments, questions, will be answered next week as well. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Good news from all this is that we will open up Grey League officially when I get back.  

Thanks for being awesome!

Wish me luck,

<3 SBJ

Preparing Leftovers

Leftovers now has a twitter account. Follow us here: @iuseleftovers

Members can also now access the Leftovers page. Since it is for more "mature" users due to content, in order to see the page, users must make an account with us! Once an account is made, your name will be on a hold for 3-5 Days. This is so SBJ can verify that you have logged into the site and prevent against spam accounts and/or fake accounts. Logging in will cause a Leftover button to appear on the right column under the orange navigation buttons. 

We will let you guys know as soon as the RSS feed is ready and appears in iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.

Now something a little different. As some of you guys know...

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T-Shirt Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our Poli-Shirt contest. Please come in contact with us so we can send you your shirt. Here we go:

Website Winner - Ben H.

Facebook Winner - Katy B.

Twitter Winner - Tim S.

Thanks for everyone who participated. Your all winners! If you didn't win or you don't have a Poli-Shirt, we are running a short sale on the website for Christmas day only. Take the jump to see the discount!


Critical Hit

If your a Facebook fan, and you should be, then you would have known last night that we announced our new Video Podcast, Critical Hit! 

Curious about what's going to be on it, well... we are too. The first Episode will be a poilt for the rest of where we go with it. 

Inside scoop, the first episode will talk about how the Podcast was started and made. 

Stay tuned, and we would love to hear your feedback.

Oh yeah, it'll be in HD too. 

Let's Draw Pokémon Day!

The guys over at ALBOTAS invented a new Holiday called "Let's Draw Pokémon Day"! It's taking place in just a couple days, Sept 30, to be exact. Want to participate in this amazing holiday? We know you do, so here is the details. You draw a picture of your Pokémanz of choice and sent it to them. The won't post any pictures until Sept 30th, then what they are going to do is unleash all of them on their blog throughout the day, pretty sweet, right!

You can join them on Facebook and find there site right HERE!

They have over 1000 people that say they are participating. Crazy right? 

We have you all you fans, and we think your amazing, so represent us well you PokéNerds!

Sunday Recap (Sept 20-24)

We got a lot of traffic this week! That's awesome and we thank you guys so much. Here is a recap of what you missed the last week. We have a ton of new stuff to come too! Also, congrats to the winner of the PokéDex contest, and thanks so much for everyone who participated. 

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Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team

Pokémon Apokélypse: Live Action Movie - Found Item

MOTW (Move of the Week): Earthquake - Weekly Move (New Feature!)

Who Likes HMs? - Rare Article

Facebook Love - Found Item

012 The Winner - Podcast

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