Sunday Recap (Sept 27 - Oct 2)

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Breeding 101: Natures - Breeding 101

PKMN of the Week: Poliwrath Vs. Politoed - PKMN of the Week

Featured Team of the Week - Featured Team

Let's Draw Pokémon Day! - News

MOTW: Brick Break - Weekly Move

Pokémon Comics - Rare Article

Hippopotas - Found Item

MOTW: Brick Break

So last week the move that we covered was earthquake. A fairly common move, and is used in large numbers throughout teams, and has been around for all 4 gens so far. A good example of this was episode 13 where the featured team that we covered had it in their team 4 times. A little overkill if you ask me, but, could be used well if implemented with the correct strategy. This week we’re talking fighting moves, and namely one more popular and useful one, Brick Break.

Now, fighting type moves seem to me, at least, to be a very good choice to put on your team. Many opposing Pokemon you’ll come up against will generally have a normal multiplier

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006 Milwaukee to Brick Break

On this week Steve has another guest, John

This is what we went over:

This week we talk about a new Pokémon. We also go over some more iPhone apps, Black and White breaking records, and we talk about the Featured Team of the week. Lots of Brick Break, haunted games, and turtles. Rate us in iTunes!

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