058 M as in Marriland

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This week PKMNcast presents a full cast with the one and only, Marriland. David and SBJ talk with Marriland about the video game and trading card game. In this episode we also cover the new Movies coming this Dec, as well as, a bit about Dark Rush. A big thanks to @devoncarrots for arranging Marriland to be on the show. A big thank you to Marriland and all of the fans who support both sites for listening. 

Vote for Nyan Shirt!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Marriland and David

058 M as in Marriland

Shirt Contest

Remember on the podcast where we talked about having one of you guys design a shirt? Well... today is that day. You will be able to submit your designs to leftovers@me.com. We will take all the designs and and start the voting on Oct 31st! Voting will go for about a week and then the winner will have their shirt made. The winner will get 2 free shirts and a bundle package from us. Others will be able to pre-order the shirt once ready to ship.


• Keep colors under and/or around 6.  
• Do not use anything off Google, use your own artwork.
• Drawing PKMN will usually get denied, be more creative.
• Be careful will full art designs & wrapping around the shirt.
• Not every design will be picked for voting. Sorry in advance.

Rules can change at any time.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  

053 O as in Old Friends

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SBJ brings some old friends back to the show. We talk about Zoroark month, new downloadable stuff, new Pokémon Wii game, and more. We touch on a Featured Team, as well as, Pokémon of the Week. Also, new shirt stuff and store stuff news to add. Enjoy!


Vote for Nyan Shirt!

Host: SBJ | Guests: _______ , ________, and ________

Where are the Nyan Shirts? *UPDATED*

As PKMNcast originally quoted, the Worlds Bundles and Nyan shirts would ship at the end of August. It is now Sept 1st and you are all probably wondering where the shirts are? Let's do some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that issues with the shirt printer occured causing a two week delay on the shirts. The good news is that delay was about 2 weeks ago, so the shirts should be ready at the end of next week! We deeply apologize for the long wait, but we are throwing in some free stuff that will be worth it. If you have any questions, please e-mail us. If the wait was to long and you want to cancel you order, we cannot stop you, but the Slowpoke will be on your body very soon, and trust us, it's worth the wait. I will personally provide an update with the exact date once my printer gets back to me, but like planned, it should be late next week, if not, sooner!

Thanks for everyone who purchased one in advance!

Nyan Poké Shirt

Look at what dropped in our store!

This Pre-Order ONLY Slowpoke shirt is something you can only get from PKMNcast. They ship at the end of August! For the first time ever, they come in both Mens AND Womens shirts! These shirts will be included in the Worlds Bundles.

They are printed on Gildan shirts if you care to know brand. 

Support Team Whimsy Tackle and the site with these cool new shirts ! Any quesitons, please ask!

Nyan Shirt | Store Link

We also have a brand new hoodie in the store too!

Japan Recovery

As most of you know... PKMNcast is trying to raise money for Japan. We are selling exclusive T-Shirts that you can only get until Sunday, April 24th. On Sunday we will close all Pre-orders at midnight. Then come Monday, the 25th, we will place our order for everyone's Japan Recovery T-Shirts. That being said, here is the coolest part... PKMNcast will be donating all of the profit to the red cross for Japan. They need our help, and if you donate, you get a cool shirt out of it too. 

On top of that, we are throwing in some free stickers, and our Pokéball button. Some of you already saw our singature purple Pokéball. So this is what you'll be doing/getting:

• Help Japan
• Get an EXCLUSIVE PKMNcast Shirt
• Free Stickers
• Free Button that you can't get anywhere else
• Entered for a chance to win a PKMN of your choice with 3 Perfect IVs.

Wow, that's a lot right! Well you have until Sunday, April 24th to get your order in! Shirts will ship early May to everyone! Remember, this is a good cause. Let your friends know.



It seems as though people don’t even talk about it anymore, but Japan still needs our help, more than ever now! Exactly one month after the earthquake that started all this chaos, a 7.0 magnitude quake struck 100 miles north of Tokyo. This was only hours after the country had paid tribute to those killed only one month ago.

Yesterdays earthquake made conditions so much worst in Japan. Even if it didn’t happen yesterday, Japan would still be in trouble. Survives are still looking for young ones. Wreckage is all around and rebuilding will take more than a while. Nuclear power plants are struggling to get fixed and over 80,000 people who lived near them have been evacuated. 7,000 schools were damaged and thousands of kids are unable to return.

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Pre-Order to Help Japan!

PKMNcast wants you to help us... help Japan! We made some sweet PKMN shirts showing how awesome Japan is, Pokemon Style of course. We are accepting Pre-Orders now. Shirts will be available at the end of this month. Only for a limited time though! It's something you don't want to miss! Profit goes to Japan Aid.