Saturday Sketch

I'm in depression until Christmas, so I this is very necessary. Only whovians will understand this, but I know there are a couple on here. If you have no idea what I am talking about you should go and click here and start with episode one, because there are only two people in this world: people who love Doctor Who and people who never seen it. And of course Steven is in the latter, only knowing that "it's something about a phonebox." ...So much to learn.

Anywho, this lovely comic was a collab between and x

Featured Team of the Week

This is such an exciting week. The new Poli-Shirts ship this week, Critical Hit launches this week, we've come back strong then ever with some awesome episodes, and today we have a great Featured Team.

Today's team is one of our own Editors. You may know her as doing the Saturday Sketch every weekend. Amazing. Let's be a little tough on Catie's team this week, eh? Now, she's now allowed on Episode 022, and neither is Wil. Just to be fair... but we have a great returning guest. Stay tuned!


Sunday Recap (Dec 6-11)

Some new stuff this week. Mostly just a big Thanks to all the Pre-orders for our shirts. Again, thank you! They ship this week!
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Etsy Diving - Rare Article
Saturday Sketch - Saturday Sketch

Catie - Our New Editor

We are absolutely pleased to introduce Catie as our new Saturday Sketch Editor. Her job will focus on getting amazing Pokémon Fan Art for you guys every Saturday. You may know Catie from the last couple episodes of "It's Super Effective". I'm so please that Catie is a part of this team, and if everything goes correctly, you can expect to see Catie at the Midwest Gaming Classic this upcoming March. 

Give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member!