004 Wins With Sunflora

004 Wins With Sunflora from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

Footage taken at the Midwest Gaming Classic. Stadium battles, Black/White Battles, etc. Some funny stuff, but more to show what the show was about.

Give us Feedback on the shows. We'd like to know what you want to make this Video Podcast successful.

036 M.G.C. (Group Show)

Aaron said "I'm the host", in other words, this show was recorded LIVE at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI on a Saturday night. With about 11 people, fans and newcomers, we talked all night about the days Pokemon events and other exciting things. We go over the tournaments that happened, the show floors, people we met, and so on. Lots of new guests! If you have any questions about this show, please post in the comments!

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Host: Steve ||Guests: Lots

Anime Milwaukee Live Podcast

2011 for us seems to be off to a great start! We have the live podcast next week on January 12th, we are going to be at the Midwest Gaming Classic in March, and now in February we will be at Anime Milwaukee at the Hyatt Center in Downtown Milwaukee. 

If your in the Midwest area and you love Anime and/or you love Pokémon and our show, then you should come down on February 19th at 9AM to hear us live for an hour and a half. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Hope to see everyone there!

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Sunday Recap (Oct 11-16)

Lots and lots of news this week. The week started off very slow, but I think Episode 016 was a great way to end the week, and/or start your weekend!

Our biggest news was the Midwest Gaming Classic. We will have a booth there and we are super excited about it. Hopefully you guys can come out and visit us!!! Otherwise, enjoy the stuff you may have missed.
Issues - News
PKMN of the Week: Duskull - PKMN of the Week
Breeding 101 Recap - Breeding 101
Vacation - News
MOTW: Wood Hammer - Weekly Move
Mew!!! - News
Totodile Drawing - Saturday Sketch