Welcome to the Pokémon Podcast (PKMNcast).
It’s Super Effective.

This website was started in July of 2010 to form a home for the very popular podcast called "It's Super Effective." ISE was created and founded by SBJ mainly because there wasn't a stunning Pokémon podcast in iTunes back in 2010. 

The site's primary focus is to provide official Pokémon news and a weekly audio show. 

ISE has made it as high as the #1 most downloaded video game podcast in iTunes. ISE has consistently sat in the top 50 most downloaded video game podcasts in iTunes, as well as, sits in the "What's Hot" section. 

It's Super Effective strive to provide a unique, original experience for our fans here. Any feedback of the show and/or the site is welcomed!

PKMNcast has 700+ reviews in iTunes with an overall 5-star rating. 3500+ fans on Facebook and growing and 22,000+ followers on Twitter!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us!


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