058 M as in Marriland

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This week PKMNcast presents a full cast with the one and only, Marriland. David and SBJ talk with Marriland about the video game and trading card game. In this episode we also cover the new Movies coming this Dec, as well as, a bit about Dark Rush. A big thanks to @devoncarrots for arranging Marriland to be on the show. A big thank you to Marriland and all of the fans who support both sites for listening. 

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Host: SBJ | Guests: Marriland and David

058 M as in Marriland

Leftovers Start Next Week

As the weekend wraps on us, I'd just like to remind everyone that Leftovers will be live on Wednesday. If you are an iTunes downloader, you can subscribe to the feed now!

If you have any questions, comment concerns, please let us know!

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Can't wait for next week!

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037 O.L.D.S.C.H.O.O.L.

SBJ and Aaron talk about everything but Pokémon in this hourish show. We do touch on the new Leauge starting up, as well as a Recap of C2E2, MGC, and the relocation of the Pokémon Podcast. We also do PKMN of the Week as well as some news and other usless stuff.

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Host: Steve ||Guests: Aaron

034 I.N.N.U.E.N.D.O.

In this episode of the Pokemon Podcast, "It's Super Effective", SBJ triple battles it up with Travis and Kenny as they talk about Gym Leaders 3 & 4 for Pokémon Black and White. On top of that, we do a Pokémon Speed Round, as well as, a Pokemon Move Test Game. Tons of new stuff, and some good adult stories! Whooo!


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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis and Kenny

032 T.W.E.A.K.I.N.G.

In this weeks epsiode, SBJ talks to Travis and Kenny again. We go over our thoughts on Diamond/Pearl. We also go over Gym Leaders, Glitches, and a TON of news. News that even involves Soulja Boy. Also, we do Pokémon of the Week! What's it's name again?

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis and Kenny


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031 R.E.V.A.M.P.

Episode 031, the first of the Revamped shows we are doing. Why is it "revamped" - well... because we have two brand new guests on it. SBJ talks with Kenny and Travis about Pokemon Black and White, as well as, Rayquaza, News regarding Bento Boxes, and more. We also have some awesome music by A-1. Enjoy!

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis and Kenny



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Poképhiles (guest host sbj)

go to technophiles show notes for episode 37:
record date: 1.19.11
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  • Man discovers glasses-free 3D tech in the blink of an eye
  • Mac App Store
  • HUD Ski Goggles
  • Steve Jobs takes medical leave
  • Smart Mini Copters fly like crazy
  • Facebook sells contact info
  • 3DS price and release date announced

sbj was on this episode of Technophiles. He talks a bit about Pokémon and the 3DS. If your bored, take a listen.