Vacation for VGCs

I will be taking the next week off. During this time... I will be driving 8 hours to Indiana to compete in the VGCs. Hopefully, I make it past the last chance quailifier. If I do, then I move onto Saturday/Sunday!

I will be updating info on my Twitter or via the Facebook group. Even possibly Tumblr.

Any orders placed will be shipped late next week. Any e-mails for concerns, comments, questions, will be answered next week as well. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Good news from all this is that we will open up Grey League officially when I get back.  

Thanks for being awesome!

Wish me luck,

<3 SBJ

Sunday Recap (Oct 11-16)

Lots and lots of news this week. The week started off very slow, but I think Episode 016 was a great way to end the week, and/or start your weekend!

Our biggest news was the Midwest Gaming Classic. We will have a booth there and we are super excited about it. Hopefully you guys can come out and visit us!!! Otherwise, enjoy the stuff you may have missed.
Issues - News
PKMN of the Week: Duskull - PKMN of the Week
Breeding 101 Recap - Breeding 101
Vacation - News
MOTW: Wood Hammer - Weekly Move
Mew!!! - News
Totodile Drawing - Saturday Sketch


Hey Guys,

It's Steve... aka.. sbj. I am on vacation this week until Friday, so there will be no Featured Team or Rare article this week. Don't worry though, they will all come back next week. We still did a PKMN of the week, along with a Breeding 101 recap. Aaron will have the Weekly Move up on Wednesday. Episode 016 will probably go live on Friday too, so you won't have to worry about that.

In case you feel Pokémon withdraw, jump over to our new PokéTalk forums. You could also catch up on your breeding articles. My week off will give us a chance to catch up of Featured Team talk for the Podcast too. 

You guys enjoy your week as much as I should. 

Vacation here I come.

Editor in Chief