Stitcher Podcast Awards

As you all know, we are trying to win the Podcast Awards for the category of "gaming". While during the nomination process, you can only vote for one category and one time, we now have a new task for you!

Stitcher Radio is hosting their first annual awards. We want to be apart of it. The cool thing about these Stitcher Awards is you can vote for us once a day! These are all the categories we fit in. I think we can win one of them if you all vote once a day and make a friend vote too! This will require you to connect with your Facebook Account. Don't forgot to vote for us for the Podcast Awards too. 

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Live Show at 7PM Tonight

For the first time ever... and possibly the last... SBJ will do a podcast during a Pokémon movie. Get your VCR or Blu-ray player ready to watch "Pokémon Destiny Deoxys (the Movie)" with SBJ!

Okay, back up... what does this mean?

Besides a short intro. SBJ will have Destiny Deoxys playing in real time as he comments his opinions about the movie. Like hearing people talk and make jokes during a film? Then you'll love this show! Make the show even better and watch the movie while you listen to SBJ complain and/or love parts of this featured movie. 

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082 Catch 'Em If You Can

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This episode of It's Super Effective featured SBJ, Irene, and Kenny with our very special guest from the Top Cut, Kyle S. aka Pooka! Since last week was getting you pumped for this years VGCs, we talk about TCG and Nationals. We also interview Kyle, as well as, talk about news.

Host: SBJ | Guests: Irene, Kenny, and Kyle (aka Pooka) from the Top Cut

079 Are We Not Drawn Onward To New Era

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This week SBJ grabs Travis from Michigan… then we run over to Australia to meet our newest guest, Adrienne. We cover some Australian facts, as well as Pokémon news. We cover Featured Team 60 and some talk on Kyurem. Enjoy!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis and Adrienne

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072 Wow (Midwest Gaming Classic Recap Show)

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This week SBJ and a ton of guests cover what happened at the Midwest Gaming Classic. On this show is - Irene, Chris, Travis, Wil, Aaron, Kenny, and Saul. We talk about Pokémon, Pinball, Dinner, and a ton of other stuff! #todayIgreat

Host: SBJ | Guests: A Full Cast

068 The Social Network

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In this episode - SBJ - Kenny - and - Matt - go in depth with some Anime, news regarding a fake Pokémon app, and possibly a new Pokémon game coming out. On top of all that we have a Pokémon of the Week to celebrate the past holiday, as well as, Kenny might be getting a Twitter.

Host: SBJ | Guests: Kenny & Matt

067 Inception

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SBJ and David invite eSeamus from the Bouncing Wailord podcast over to talk about what some believe are the top 10 most disappointing Pokémon Games. We go over news about CoroCoro scans, as well as talk about Valentine's Day and recap Mewtwo's birthday. - ENJOY!

Host: SBJ | Guests: David & eSeamus

066 The Big Lebowski

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SBJ returns with David and Saul (Irene at the end) to talk about the Big Lebowski of the Pokémon world… Regigigas. We cover some news regarding Kyurem and we answer a ton of user submitted questions on top of that. Also, we have the original Pokémon Green Lavander Town music that was changed in Red/Blue.

Host: SBJ | Guests: David & Saul & Irene