Sunday Recap (Dec 6-11)

Some new stuff this week. Mostly just a big Thanks to all the Pre-orders for our shirts. Again, thank you! They ship this week!
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PokéFact Time! PokéRap

Hey guys, I'm Sarah, a new staff member here on the coolest site ever. :] You will be finding out more about me when I get a page in the Trainer section, but for now all you need to know is: My name is Sarah. I am fourteen year old, though have been brought up with Pokémon. Oh and that I am the younger and better looking sister of Steven (sbj), the creator of this site. Since, I do not have a day assigned especially too me yet, you may see my post just randomly popping up here when it looks kinda empty so bare with me through that time. What exactly is my job? Well, I am the Pokémon Fact Editor, meaning I will be posting Pokémon related facts, that hopefully you did not know for your entertainment. I am here to please. So leaving off on that note, I would like to give you the first PokéFact ever!

Since I am a huge fan of the Originals, my first fact will be Original based and since it include a little of the evolutions of Poliwhirl, it matches well with this week. Well, I am sure every Pokemon fan is familiar with the PokéRap, the best Pokémon related song ever, but did you know that the song actually has two mistakes? When they say Poliwrath they show a picture of Poliwag and also when they say Graveler they show the image of Geodude. Clearly, someone got confused with their Pokémon. Don't believe me? Talk a walk down memory lane and see for yourself... 

PKMN of the Week: Poliwhirl

In honor to celebrate our new Poli-Shirt, what better to do so by having this week dedicated to one of the Pokémon that inspired everything! Poliwhirl has always been a popular picking when Pokémon came over to the America's in 1998. Now his swirl is back on our exclusive shirt, and back on the site to kick off our Monday. 

It evolves from Poliwag at level 25, and then into either Poliwrath when exposed to a Water Stone or Politoed when traded holding a King's Rock.

Poliwag undergoes a dramatic change when it evolves to Poliwhirl. The most notable difference is that it has become bigger and gained arms with gloved hands while losing its tail. The eyes have moved to the top of its head and it apparently loses its visible mouth. Its nostrils are now visible. Curiously, the swirl on its abdomen as Poliwag reverses when it evolves. The skin on most of Poliwhirl’s body is moist, due to an oily fluid. However, the skin on its belly spiral feels smooth.

• The logo for the Pokémon Center in Tokyo featured Poliwhirl until it was replaced by Piplup in July 2007.

• Poliwhirl is based on a tadpole. The spiral pattern on its belly is supposed to represent how the organs of tadpoles can sometimes be seen through their transparent skin. Its evolution is based on a tadpole's metamorphosis.

Hello, Poli-Shirt!

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Here is the official description:

The first Official PKMN Podcast Shirt. This is limited to 100. The shirt was inspired by the swirl on Poliwhirl's/Poliwrath's belly. Now you too can have a swirl of awesomeness on your belly.

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To take care of this shirt properly, please wash it inside out. Do not put it in the dryer, hang dry preferred. 

These shirts have nothing to do with Nintendo and/or the Pokémon Company. All the design work is custom artwork made by Steve Black Jr. © All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to @LLbrettJ for modeling it!