September & October Slow

Your all probably a bit upset that the Podcast went from a 5-7 day posting schedule to a 10-14 posting. We didn't plan for that, and it upsets us just as much as you. Why did this happen?

Looking at statistics, our worst two months last year were September and October. In order to boost traffic again, we launched Eeveetober and while October closed, November was one of the highest viewed months of 2010. 

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Sunday Recap for Eeveetober Week

Well I hope everyone enjoyed Eeveetober as much as I did. It was a great holiday. The end got a little rough **Leafeon**, and I apologize that due to too many Halloween Parties over the weekend... somethings got forgotten... anyways... here is your RECAP!

 Eeveelutions: Flareon - Rare Article

Mew, Myth or Fact - Found Item

Eeveelutions: Espeon - Rare Article

Eeveelutions: Umbreon - Rare Article

MOTW: Last Resort - Weekly Move

Sneak Peak Season 1 - Critical Hit! - Podcast

Eeveelutions: Glaceon - Rare Article

017 The Eeveetober - Podcast

Eeveelutions: Leafeon - Rare Article

Saturday Sketch - Saturday Sketch

017 The Eeveetober

In this episode we talk all Eevee. We run through all 7 Eeveelutions. We also talk about some news, like the new Pokémon Center opening up, as well as answer a couple question. You asked for it, Eeveetober! 

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Justin

MOTW: Last Resort

As we’re celebrating the ‘month of the Eevee’ we only thought it would be fitting if the move of the week this week was Eevee based. This is a move that any Eevee trainer should consider, as all Eeveelutions can learn it. It’s also kind of a quirky move and it’s  only been around for one generation now. Let’s look at the last move in our arsenal...

Last Resort, as I said has only been around since Gen IV from the 493. It has 130 power now, but once Gen V comes along that will be changing to 140 power and keeping it’s 100% accuracy. To get right down to the nitty-gritty, this is how it works. So, as it...

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Season Preview of Critical Hit

First off, happy #Eeveetober! It's the first year of this Holiday, but you trainers know that you all helped found and create this. Remember that in a couple years when Eeveetober takes over Sweetest Day. 

You've all been waiting to see something from the newly announced video podcast called Critical Hit. You'll have to wait a little bit longer, but hopefully this trailer will get you excited. 

Season 1 Trailer from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

The season premier of the Pokémon Podcast's first web show, Critical Hit. It will probably won't last long.

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