101 Reviews (Finally)

So we did it! After a couple months of asking for you guys to review us in iTunes, we finally hit 101 today. What does that mean? It means one of you lucky iTunes Reviews gets a Free Pikachu Charger for DSi and/or DSi XL! Amazing right?

Here is what you have to do now:

• Send us your iTunes review via e-mail to pokemonpodcast@me.com

• Include in the subject line, "Pikachu iTunes!"

• Wait to win.

No catch to this contest. We will be accepting your e-mails until Feb 1, 2011 - so e-mail us your Review ASAP to win! Thank again to everyone who helped and took the time to review. This show keeps going because you all are awesome!

You can still enter to win by reviewing us now and sending the e-mail. Don't delay, win today!

T-Shirt Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our Poli-Shirt contest. Please come in contact with us so we can send you your shirt. Here we go:

Website Winner - Ben H.

Facebook Winner - Katy B.

Twitter Winner - Tim S.

Thanks for everyone who participated. Your all winners! If you didn't win or you don't have a Poli-Shirt, we are running a short sale on the website for Christmas day only. Take the jump to see the discount!


Sunday Recap (Oct 3 - Oct 8)

PokéTalk, Free Pikachu, Breeding 101, and 2 Podcast Episodes. It was a busy week! Check out what you missed. 
PKMN of the Week: Wooper - PKMN of the Week
Featured Team - Featured Team
Get to know the Team - News, Found Item
MOTW: Teeter Dance - Weekly Move
Gym Leaders - Rare Article
015 The ConZilla - Podcast

Episode 014 - The Echo

This is the 014 episode of the Pokémon Podcast. It is a long one. SBJ is finally back in Milwaukee, if you care. We talk about news, mostly regarding the site, we also talk about a Featured Team. We also have the PKMN of the week and our new Contest!! Not Sure where the Echo came in?

Host: SBJ

Guest: Aaron

Sorry this issue again had audio issues, it's what we should be known for. But it's pretty bearable. You could always just skip this episode. Please don't know, we like when you all listen.  

Links for the Show [iTunes Link] [Zune Link] [RSS Link]

Win a Pikachu DS Charging Stand... For FREE!

Last month we gave away a FREE PokéDex to a lucky winner who reviewed us in iTunes. Thank you for everyone else who entered. The contest required a bit of work last month, and we are going to make this contest a bit easier, but pretty similar. 

So this month we are giving away a Pikachu Charging Stand (will charge any DS, DSi, and/or DSi XL). This guy is currently only available from Play-Asia for $40... then they stick you with another $20 to ship it. Fear not! All you have to do is enter our contest to win!

The Rules:
1. Review us in iTunes!*
2. Tell your friends to Review us in iTunes!
3. Get us up to 100 Reviews in iTunes.
4. E-mail us your Review to enter to WIN.
5. Then WIN!

So we are ONLY giving away...

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Pokémon Sweepstakes

So if you like to win stuff (not from us), from the Pokémon Company, jump over here and sign up to win!

 PS: We are currently in the top 20 for Video Game Podcasts! Don't forget to rate us and submit an e-mail to win a Free PokéDex from us directly. If we make it into the top 10, we will give out a copy of HeartGold or SoulSilver to one of our listeners/readers.

009 Narwhals to Bi-Legged

This week SBJ and Aaron talk about Bi-Legged Pokémans. We also touch on how unicorns were mistaken for whales. We talk to you about the new starters evolutions, some reader e-mail, and how you can WIN a FREE PokéDex!

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Pokemon Shirt Link right Here.

You Just Captured... a Giveaway!


 We are celebrating our one month anniversary of the Pokemon Podcast. We are giving away the Kanto Pokédex. This is a $20 value that you can win for free for being awesome. You have to do two things to win. Rate us in iTunes, then copy and paste into an e-mail, the catch is the e-mail has to have the subject line that we say in future episodes, otherwise it doesn't count. Do that and you have a chance to win!

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