App Obtained! - "EV-Gear Free"

Heya guys, Kenny here with a neat app I found for the iPod and iPhone called "EV-Gear Free"! As we all know, EV training can be a bit tough, whether you're new to it or not. Learning how to EV train is hard enough, but keeping track of all of the EVs your current Pokémon can be kind of frusterating. That's where the app comes in; simply input your Pokémon and all of its information (Level, Nature, IVs, any EVs it may have obtained Pokérus stats, and the Brace it's currently holding) and 1... 2... Ta-daa! The app comes up with the stats you should be at!

Furthermore, you can then choose an area you want to train at and keep track of how many IVs you have obtained. Say I have a Pokémon with 0 Sp.Atk EVs, a Power Lens, and Pokérus. Let us then say that I defeated a Litwick. I press the corresponding button on the app, and it's all calculated! It's a little hard to explain, so please check it out yourself!

I really hope you guys get use out of this app. If you like it, make sure to give it a good review!

EV Gear Free - iTunes

Stitcher Radio

As some of the fans know, we love iTunes. Others have expressed interest in our podcast, but wanted more means. Now we can introduce... Stitcher Radio! When our feed gets updated, you can stream the newest episodes live on your iOS Device, Android Device, and/or Kindle Fire. Pretty amazing right? 

Let Stitcher know how much you love that we can be accessed in their apps via Twitter or just by listening to our last episode about Mewtwo!

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049 Kingdom Come

SBJ, Travis, Aaron, and David recap their VGC experience in Indiana the past week. We also go over PKMN of the Week, as well as, some TCG stuff. On top of all that... we have some news regarding Pokémon on iPhone and Android. Also, get ready to find your favorite parts of the podcast over the last 49 epsiodes so we can do a retrospect for episode 50! 

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Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis, David, Aaron

Pokémon Stadium 2 Champion Battle

First off, big, BIG, thanks to Kay for recording this and uploading it so fast. If it was Aaron, it wouldn't be up for a week. After 3 tiers of battles, yours truly, SBJ, makes it to the final against a "newcomer" named Will for the 4th tier Championship. SBJ starts off with the Dugtrio and Will starts off with the Poliwrath. 

Your Christmas Gift: Exclusive Ringtone

To celebrate what a great year this was for us (and you), I figured what better way to celebrate Christmas day by give you guys a free Ringtone. This one is cool because you've heard it before. It's the intro song to the Pokémon Podcast's own "It's Super Effective". Now this song was orignally the battle music, but with help from Aaron (MotW Editor) we put together what we think to be a great way to start off the podcast!

Hope you enjoy and download!

Merry Christmas!

PS: On top of the FREE ringtone, our Poli-Shirts are on sale today! Awesome!

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Exclusive Ringtones: Pikachu Take Notes

Pikachu Take Notes

This ringtone is pretty sweet because I have no musical talent, and I think it came out alright. It's based off a YouTube video that I have talked about on the show before, but I am not going to link it. Sorry. It's not kid friendly. 

Now, these ringtones are made in m4r format. What does that mean? Well m4r is how any iPhone can play them flawlessly as a ringtone. So just click the Apple button below to start your download and then sync it to your phone. What if you don't have an iPhone? Well we got a lot of requests for an mp3 version of the ringtone. This doesn't make it easy for iPhone users, but hey, if you want an mp3, we got that too. So click on the Android symbol for the mp3 version. If you have a Blackberry, still click on the Droid symbol. 

Hope this helps, and more importantly, hope you enjoy the ringtone. 

Remember, this is the ONLY place to find sweet Pokémon Ringtones. 

iOS Device!

We have an iPhone/iPad/iPod icon now! Add us to your iOS device. Go to Safari on your device, click the + in the bottom center when your on our homepage, then click on "Add to Home Screen".

There you go! Access us on the go with our new icon we are quite proud of!
(If your curious, it's very JuneCloud inspired, but we are okay with that!)