061 A Christmas Story

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Join SBJ, Travis, Saul, and David for their Christmas wishlists from the Pokémon Company. We talk about a little bit of VCG and TCG news. On top of all that, we have some great tunes in this episode. Have a safe Holiday!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis & Saul & David

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061 A Christmas Story

Holiday Special: Saturday Sketch

Merry Christmas Eve/Fifth Day of Hanukkah everyone! Hope you all are having a great Holiday!

This edition of Saturday Sketch will be a Special one because of the Holidays.

There is not only one, but many Holiday “Mostly X-Mas” themed Drawings and Works that fit the part for this edition!

To Start off I bring you a Holiday Raichu Promo Card that was made for a PokéBeach Create-a-Card Competition. The reason for this pick from me is because of the TCG Hype around PKMNcast the last few months.


The Card was created by dolphinluv10 on the PokéBeach Forums, however I found it under the deviant ~KataraWaterbender on deviantART.

I believe the two are the same person, so visit their deviantART and check out their other card works!

Next up we have the Rare Candy Christmas created by the deviantART user ~dragofyre7 .: http://fav.me/d2g2v3x :

To me this image shows what could happen if you Overindulge on Christmas dinner.

I enjoy Cyndaquil hilarious shocked eyes after the evolutions.

So as a reminder, eat the delicious looking foods however don’t eat till you end up like Snorlax!


Still with me here? Great!

Almost done!


Here we have the Black and White Christmas.

To me this symbolizes enjoying the holidays with the people close to you,  be near or far this holiday season be sure to let your relatives or friends know that you wish them a Happy Holiday. 

This was created by the deviant *Delano-Laramie

Check out this user if you enjoy this type of art style,  they have many more like it on their page! 

And last but not least, we have Merry Charmings, by the deviantART user ~FishFoundation.

We have got Pikachu, Azumarill, Spinda ,Plusle and Minun together enjoying the Holiday Seasons together.
I feel as if this one expresses the joy and happiness that we should all feel during the holidays.

Well now that that’s all through, I feel as if I have overstayed my welcome in a way, So without further ado, I will leave you with a song to prepare for tomorrow Morning, That is for you who celebrate Christmas!

I hope you all have a great Holiday!

Best Wishes From Kay, Your Saturday Sketch Editor!

MOTW: Christmas Edition!

Sup everyone! Firstly I deeply apologize for my huge delay on posting the move of the week. I finally got my internet connection to stably work! From now onwards we should sail smoothly... move of the week, every week, as promised! :) So Christmas is here once again in the Pokémon world. Let us revisit a move that give us the chills every time we hear it. And no it's not Blizzard.
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Your Christmas Gift: Exclusive Ringtone

To celebrate what a great year this was for us (and you), I figured what better way to celebrate Christmas day by give you guys a free Ringtone. This one is cool because you've heard it before. It's the intro song to the Pokémon Podcast's own "It's Super Effective". Now this song was orignally the battle music, but with help from Aaron (MotW Editor) we put together what we think to be a great way to start off the podcast!

Hope you enjoy and download!

Merry Christmas!

PS: On top of the FREE ringtone, our Poli-Shirts are on sale today! Awesome!

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T-Shirt Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our Poli-Shirt contest. Please come in contact with us so we can send you your shirt. Here we go:

Website Winner - Ben H.

Facebook Winner - Katy B.

Twitter Winner - Tim S.

Thanks for everyone who participated. Your all winners! If you didn't win or you don't have a Poli-Shirt, we are running a short sale on the website for Christmas day only. Take the jump to see the discount!


023 Pokemon Mistletoe Version

Merry Christmas. This week we talk about what we want Nintendo to bring us Pokémon wise. We also cover some news involving Gamestop and Shinies, as well as, touch on the Pokémon of the Week: Nidoking. We also do some shoutouts and cover some listener mail in this tame episode of "It's Super Effective"!

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil