Your Christmas Gift: Exclusive Ringtone

To celebrate what a great year this was for us (and you), I figured what better way to celebrate Christmas day by give you guys a free Ringtone. This one is cool because you've heard it before. It's the intro song to the Pokémon Podcast's own "It's Super Effective". Now this song was orignally the battle music, but with help from Aaron (MotW Editor) we put together what we think to be a great way to start off the podcast!

Hope you enjoy and download!

Merry Christmas!

PS: On top of the FREE ringtone, our Poli-Shirts are on sale today! Awesome!

iPhone Download

MP3 Download 


T-Shirt Winners

We are proud to announce the winners of our Poli-Shirt contest. Please come in contact with us so we can send you your shirt. Here we go:

Website Winner - Ben H.

Facebook Winner - Katy B.

Twitter Winner - Tim S.

Thanks for everyone who participated. Your all winners! If you didn't win or you don't have a Poli-Shirt, we are running a short sale on the website for Christmas day only. Take the jump to see the discount!


Poli-Contest #1

So we announced yesterday on our Twitter that we were going to give away 3 Free Poli-Shirts in time for the holidays. We will announce all the winner on Christmas, and the shirts will ship on Monday. Each contest will be different, but this is where you are going to find the first contest. 

So to win this contest... it's actually pretty easy. Just leave a comment in the field saying what T-Shirt you would like to see next. Be creative because I am going to read all of them. One word answers will be easily passed up. If you want us to make more shirts and stuff, we want to know what you want!

So Leave a comment to win a free shirt. Leave ONLY ONE commment, if you comment more then once, you will be disqualified. Also, tell your friends to enter to win as well. Then if they win, you can steal the shirt from them.

Easy, right? GO!

Etsy Diving

It’s been a while for a Rare Article. It’s not even Thursday! With that aside, I thought I would bring you some interesting custom Pokémon items for sale. Now we were proud to announce our Poli-Shirts last week. Those shirts are limited to 100 made, and they will begin to ship next week. Exciting. 

Anyways, today we look at Pokémon stuff found on Etsy. Etsy is where handmade and vintage stuff lives so others can enjoy and purchase these items. Let’s take a look at a couple of the cool stuff found on Etsy.

Pokémon Polar Fleece Hoodie

This item looks to be sold out, but if you had $107, you too could have bought this custom Pikachu Fleece. From the bright yellow, to the actually tail...

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