NuzleafGreen - A PKMNcast Fundraiser

The Introduction

What's up everyoneeeeeee! How was that for an impression of SBJ? What, you tell me you can't really tell because this is only text and reading something can't accurately convey the way someone speaks and therefore could be interpreted differently by every single individual reading this? Well I suppose you're right, but hey that's not why we're here today. No, we are here today to talk about an awesome fundraiser for PKMNcast; a fundraiser in the form of the infamous "Let's Play" titled "NuzleafGreen".

Now, before I go any farther, I'll tell you what this is about. The PKMNcast community, more specifically our man Steve Black Jr. himself, has been going strong for almost two whole years now. "It's Super Effective!" may have started at rather humble beginnings, but has now grown into a strong, independent Podcast from which a wonderful and diverse community has emerged. Steve has gone out of his way to build up a friendly-yet-professional (actually I might not fit that last part too well) staff who all share a love of Pokémon and who are all dedicated to informing and helping others in any way they can.

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Rare Article: Writing about Pokémon

SBJ recently launched the "Laboratory" section of PKMNCast. For those unaware, the Laboratory is a way for you to get your own Pokémon articles on the site. I know all of you are as excited as a Pachirisu on Arbor Day to get started, but how about you sit down with me for a while, and we'll chat about how to write effectively on the Poggeymans.
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One Year Already?...

Hello everybody and Happy Anniversary from @aaronspriggs and everyone else here at! It’s been a pretty baller year. From being the first guest host to writing articles on the site, it’s been an honor to be here almost as long as Steve has been.

First I want to give mad props to Steve for starting such an awesome podcast and site, and say thank you for sticking to it for so long now. We’ve gotten much better at this whole podcasting thing, lol

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Rare Article: How to Use Your Pokémon Strengths in the Real World

All of us here in the PKMNCast community play a bunch of Pokémon. Probably more than is healthy. One of the main reasons, I would argue, that players flock to Pokémon is that it is a world with such rigid rules. It's all in the numbers, and besides a crit here and there, there isn't much chaos in the mix.

Compare that to the real world, which is more crazy than a wheelbarrow full of Crispin Glovers. It makes sense that we would enjoy the stability of the Pokémon world. Today, however, I am going to be talking about how we can use the skills in the world of Pokémon to make some sense of these mortal coils.
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