App Obtained! - "EV-Gear Free"

Heya guys, Kenny here with a neat app I found for the iPod and iPhone called "EV-Gear Free"! As we all know, EV training can be a bit tough, whether you're new to it or not. Learning how to EV train is hard enough, but keeping track of all of the EVs your current Pokémon can be kind of frusterating. That's where the app comes in; simply input your Pokémon and all of its information (Level, Nature, IVs, any EVs it may have obtained Pokérus stats, and the Brace it's currently holding) and 1... 2... Ta-daa! The app comes up with the stats you should be at!

Furthermore, you can then choose an area you want to train at and keep track of how many IVs you have obtained. Say I have a Pokémon with 0 Sp.Atk EVs, a Power Lens, and Pokérus. Let us then say that I defeated a Litwick. I press the corresponding button on the app, and it's all calculated! It's a little hard to explain, so please check it out yourself!

I really hope you guys get use out of this app. If you like it, make sure to give it a good review!

EV Gear Free - iTunes

Breeding 911: The Statistics of Pokémon

Hey there guys, Kenny here again with some more (hopefully) useful breeding information for you all! Not having gotten any questions from anyone, I asked Steve what I should talk about. He suggested talking about the statistics behind Individual Values (IVs for short) in breeding. As most of you know IVs are, essentially, hidden stat bonuses. When a Pokémon is caught, or a Pokémon Egg is laid (yes, they are calculated before the Pokémon actually hatches!) a random number from 0 – 31 is distributed to every stat. These numbers are how many extra points are in said stat. IVs are permanent once the Pokémon is encountered or the Egg is received, and cannot be legally changed under any circumstances.


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Breeding 911: Easy Way for Perfect IVs?

Heya everyone, Kenny here! Today I’m here to help everyone with their Pokémon-related questions. Have you ever had questions about EVs, IVs, Abilities, moves, or anything related to creating that perfect Pokémon? Well, look no further! Every week, I’ll be an email or two in depth, and posting it on the website. Not only will you get your answer, but you’ll be credited for asking a great question, too! Don’t worry though if your question doesn’t get picked. I promise I’ll still do my best to provide an answer to any and all questions asked. Alright, let’s delve into those questions!
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Rare Article: Cartridge or Simulator?

Hey, friends. Travis here. Last week I was talking about items. This week I'm not. That's because I have transitioned from writing "Item of the Week" to "Rare Article." Those of you who have been around the site for a while remember a time when Steve wrote an article of the same name that was a sort of variety article. "X of the week" style articles are great, and are arguably the best part of this site, but sometimes you want to see something that pulls a Rampardos and breaks the mold (Lulz C wut I did thar?).
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Team Tactics: Introduction to Destruction

Last we spoke, I was younger.  I had a sweet pompadour, and a devil-may-care attitude.  My jeans were tight and I wore a leather jacket of passion.  You had long flowing hair, and we discussed many things.  In particular, how to force Pokémon to breed for our amusement.  They became violent extensions of our very being, and the world was a beautiful place.

I want to get that feeling back Pokémaniacs.  Breeding was only the tip of the iceberg.  I want to get into the nitty gritty.  I am not going to swamp you with more numbers.  Okay, there will be some numbers, but they won't be nearly as complicated or involved as IV breeding.  Though if you want to get the most out of this series, you will probably want to go back and review the Breeding 101 series as I will build upon that knowledge in this series.  A series I like to call…

Team Tactics!  Go ahead, yell it out.  It feels good.

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Breeding 101: Individual Values (The Final Conflict)

Today is the day when things start coming together.  We have been on a magical journey, you and I.  From backpacking through the Alps to swimming the Nile while dragging a tugboat behind us via a rope in our teeth.  But nothing is more important than today's adventure.  This is the glue that will hold together everything we have been working toward.  Individual Value inheritance will give you a bit of control over your Pokémon's strongest stats.  Get on your trailblazing gear Pokémon breeders; today we enter the wilderness as children, and come back as children with more information on Pokémon breeding!

Inheriting IVs

When breeding, you are able to pass a maximum of three IVs down to your baby Pokémon.  That means that no matter how amazing your parent Pokémon are, in the best case scenario your baby has three IVs generated at random.  Here is a run-down on how IVs are inherited when breeding:

  1. The baby's IVs are randomly generated for all 6 statistics (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed).  From here the baby will inherit IVs from its parents, which will overwrite some of these random values.
  2. One random IV value is inherited from either parent.
  3. A second random IV value is inherited from either parent.  This value will not be the HP IV.
  4. A third random IV is inherited from either parent.  This value will not be the HP or Defense IV.
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Breeding 101: Individual Values (Part I)

I have a lab coat on.  You might be asking yourself, "has this man gone insane?"  Perhaps, but I prefer to define myself as "sanity impaired" or "lusty for science."  The reason for the coat is because today we discuss Individual Values, or IVs; the Pokémon equivalent of genetic inheritance.  Individual Values, or IVs, will help you get the competitive edge in battle.  Plus, lab coats are sexy.  Just look at Bill Nye.

This week I am only going to cover what Individual Values are, and how to determine your Pokémon's IVs.  We will get into IV inheritance and how to actually breed for better IVs next week.
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