Jigglypuff is Satan

So if any of you guys realised, there was no fact yesterday. Yes, I know this is very heartbreaking, but I actually did have a fact all written out and pretty and it committed suicided and died. *tear* May you rest in peace little post that I didn't bother to type up again. You will get your fact next week, but to make myself feel less guilty, I needed to post. I wanted to share a video with you guys, if you haven't already seen, that I think it will amuse you guys. It's a video where they try to explain that Pokemon is evil and it even includes Jigglypuff as the Devil. Once again, logic never wins. So enjoy that.

There is only one hour left until the live podcast? Am I the only one excited about that? I have a quick question to give to you guys before I depart; I keep refereeing to you people as "you guys", because it's a general term for both males and females. I am really curious about that gender stats on this site. I know I'm a girl and so is Catie, but are there any other female listeners? That is all I guess. I promise a fact next Tuesday!!! <3

022 Pokemon Black Version

Today SBJ teams up with GeorgieBoy and Matt to talk about Catie's Featured team. While Bulbasuars may pop up a little more in this epsiode, we have a great intermission song, a bit of news, and we talk about Magmar. We also have a very cool YouTube guest.

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Matt and GeorgieBoy and Brett
Interview w/ D'Andre from Black Man Loves Pokémon
Strong Language

Exclusive Ringtones: Pikachu Take Notes

Pikachu Take Notes

This ringtone is pretty sweet because I have no musical talent, and I think it came out alright. It's based off a YouTube video that I have talked about on the show before, but I am not going to link it. Sorry. It's not kid friendly. 

Now, these ringtones are made in m4r format. What does that mean? Well m4r is how any iPhone can play them flawlessly as a ringtone. So just click the Apple button below to start your download and then sync it to your phone. What if you don't have an iPhone? Well we got a lot of requests for an mp3 version of the ringtone. This doesn't make it easy for iPhone users, but hey, if you want an mp3, we got that too. So click on the Android symbol for the mp3 version. If you have a Blackberry, still click on the Droid symbol. 

Hope this helps, and more importantly, hope you enjoy the ringtone. 

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