Ex-ceptional Way to Combat EXs and Dragons

Pokemon Worlds wrapped up and the MVP is going to be Darkrai EX. Don’t have a Darkrai yet? They’re coming out in tins at the end of the September. So instead of paying out the rear end for them for the modest price of $15-ish you can take home a Darkrai EX and a bunch of packs. The biggest take away here is that you need to run cards with utility. Utility is huge and making the most of every single card in your deck will help you over come and defeat your opponents. Lets talk about some Pokemon that may be worth splashing into your decks. 

Bouffalant is a machine. It’s attack, Gold Breaker, is designed to combat EXs. While 120 damage only one shots Shaymin and Mew it is still a huge chunk of damage onto an EX and puts it within easy KO range of almost any other Pokemon. Its ability, same as the Pokemon tool Eviolite, makes him a decent wall as we

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082 Catch 'Em If You Can

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This episode of It's Super Effective featured SBJ, Irene, and Kenny with our very special guest from the Top Cut, Kyle S. aka Pooka! Since last week was getting you pumped for this years VGCs, we talk about TCG and Nationals. We also interview Kyle, as well as, talk about news.

Host: SBJ | Guests: Irene, Kenny, and Kyle (aka Pooka) from the Top Cut

New TCG Playmats

Hey guys. Here's our newest item in the store! Enjoy!

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A Wilde, Oscar has Appeared! (to Discuss Deck Building)

Lets talk Durant for a second. The deck is out of tier 1, probably even 1.5, but the actual skeleton of deck is solid. Ten to thirteen energy, a large trainer base, and probably no more than six Pokemon with three to four of them as same main attacker. Durant used this because Durant’s devour attack required more Durant in play to be effective however it’s working for other decks as well. This skeleton is also used for the mono-Terrakion build that saw some play at states. This week at the Whimsy Tackle table SBJ brought a new contender into the ring with a mono-Kyruem build. What is making these decks function so well?
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Saturday Sketch

Hello everyone!

Today is the last day of March!

This month was pretty awesome, but if you were at MGC over the last weekend you would already know it! 

Anyways let’s move on to this week’s Saturday Sketch! 

Kyogre Groudon Legends

Two cards that have been  “100% self drawn,” by the user  ~MapleDragon on deviantART 

I really enjoyed the artwork put into these cards, they look like they could be the real deal!

The artist also does some more Pokémon inspired art, and these other works look pretty awesome, you all should defiantly check them out!


That’s the Saturday Sketch for this week!


If you haven’t already be sure to listen to the latest episode - MGC Recap Episode – 072

And check out the PokéSnap to see some of the fun we all had at MGC – PokéSnap


Also in the next couple weeks PKMNcast will have a Panel at C2E2! If you’re in the Chicago area swing by and try to check it out! - C2E2 Info Page

Thanks for viewing the Saturday Sketch!

The Crystal Ball of Next Destinies Pre-release

Prereleases are upon us. Next Destinies is right around the corner and I have some quick predictions for cards that will help take you to the winners seat at your prerelease.

First and foremost as we’ve seen in almost every build of deck being played anything with an “outrage” ability is worth the time of day. Zekrom and Reshiram are both being reprinted and I can confidently say that in any type of deck you draft these two are worth it. The other “outrage” like ability is Regigigas’ raging hammer. 4 energy is a bit slower than I’d like in a limited deck but still very strong.

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