Shattered Gemstones Chapter 12: Battle in the Shipyard

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Do not adjust your monitors, there's nothing wrong with your screen. What you're seeing is really true. Shattered Gemstones is going WEEKLY! ...well, at least until Part 1 is finished. Which is SOON! Anyway, today we revisit Tess and Keith. The fight is on as Tess struggles to suppress a surge of emotions from her past, and Keith begins to show her the ropes of battle. Enjoy!
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VGC Update & News

Hey everyone! SBJ here, back from my vacation at VGCs. I missed all of you! So a couple things going on. First off, we have a new Featured Team, jump over to that to check it out. Secondly, we have a new shirt coming out! If you want to get it before everyone else, go ahead and jump over to our store to check out the pricing! The shirt has not been reviled yet, but I promise it's in the top 10% of shirts out there. Kenny will have a new segment starting next week Tuesday, stay tuned for that. Grey League will be starting July 20th. Please keep in mind Gym Leaders have lives, but anytime after that day your battles will count. 

On top of all this, enjoy this video of my VGC team sweeping Aaron's VGC team!

Rare Article: Cartridge or Simulator?

Hey, friends. Travis here. Last week I was talking about items. This week I'm not. That's because I have transitioned from writing "Item of the Week" to "Rare Article." Those of you who have been around the site for a while remember a time when Steve wrote an article of the same name that was a sort of variety article. "X of the week" style articles are great, and are arguably the best part of this site, but sometimes you want to see something that pulls a Rampardos and breaks the mold (Lulz C wut I did thar?).
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MOTW: Baton Pass

This is a move that I’ve been wanting to do for Move of the Week for quite some time now but almost seemed to daunting to take on. I stumbled upon a great article written by Smogon University about it however and read through it about 3 or 4 times. I’m going to try and take their book of a guide on Baton Passing, and shorten it to a bite sized article here for you guys all to read. Without further to do... Baton Pass...

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Concept Corner Monochrome: The people who fight you and give you stuff

Monochrome: The People Who Fight You and Give You Stuff
Oh, the shippinz.
I love characters in Pokemon. Whether it’s your rivals, from the rich spoiled jock Gary to energetic and ambitious Barry, or the champions, from heroic and courageous Lance you mysterious and knowledgeable Cynthia, all of the characters in Pokemon fit well into their places. This generation, we saw characters get more development than ever before. We see Bianca struggle to find a path in life while dealing with her father’s disapproval, the ever going saga of Cheren’s quest to become stronger, and even the gym leaders seem to have more substance, with gyms doubling as things like restaurants and roller coasters. The supporting characters of Pokemon deserve to be written about, so that’s what shall be done! 


Before we jump into this, let me warn you that this will be another spoiler-filled article. Ejecting all who have not finished the game in 3...2...1. *katchunk* 


Okay, so without further ado, let’s get started!
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Pokémon Stadium 2 Champion Battle

First off, big, BIG, thanks to Kay for recording this and uploading it so fast. If it was Aaron, it wouldn't be up for a week. After 3 tiers of battles, yours truly, SBJ, makes it to the final against a "newcomer" named Will for the 4th tier Championship. SBJ starts off with the Dugtrio and Will starts off with the Poliwrath. 

031 R.E.V.A.M.P.

Episode 031, the first of the Revamped shows we are doing. Why is it "revamped" - well... because we have two brand new guests on it. SBJ talks with Kenny and Travis about Pokemon Black and White, as well as, Rayquaza, News regarding Bento Boxes, and more. We also have some awesome music by A-1. Enjoy!

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis and Kenny



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