Stitcher Radio

As some of the fans know, we love iTunes. Others have expressed interest in our podcast, but wanted more means. Now we can introduce... Stitcher Radio! When our feed gets updated, you can stream the newest episodes live on your iOS Device, Android Device, and/or Kindle Fire. Pretty amazing right? 

Let Stitcher know how much you love that we can be accessed in their apps via Twitter or just by listening to our last episode about Mewtwo!

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Kindle Love

The Pokémon Podcast is the FIRST Pokemon e-ink, digital, get-anywhere website/blog on the Kindle. If you like to read some of our longer articles, this is the easiest way to do it! The Kindle Edition converts the site into black and white easy-to-read e-ink that you can get wireless anywhere on your Amazon Kindle. The monthly price is $1.99. We promise to get that price down to .99 cents a month (we are still working out kinks with Amazon). Subscribe to enjoy our site in another form and support us!
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