Your Christmas Gift: Exclusive Ringtone

To celebrate what a great year this was for us (and you), I figured what better way to celebrate Christmas day by give you guys a free Ringtone. This one is cool because you've heard it before. It's the intro song to the Pokémon Podcast's own "It's Super Effective". Now this song was orignally the battle music, but with help from Aaron (MotW Editor) we put together what we think to be a great way to start off the podcast!

Hope you enjoy and download!

Merry Christmas!

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Exclusive Ringtones: Pikachu Take Notes

Pikachu Take Notes

This ringtone is pretty sweet because I have no musical talent, and I think it came out alright. It's based off a YouTube video that I have talked about on the show before, but I am not going to link it. Sorry. It's not kid friendly. 

Now, these ringtones are made in m4r format. What does that mean? Well m4r is how any iPhone can play them flawlessly as a ringtone. So just click the Apple button below to start your download and then sync it to your phone. What if you don't have an iPhone? Well we got a lot of requests for an mp3 version of the ringtone. This doesn't make it easy for iPhone users, but hey, if you want an mp3, we got that too. So click on the Android symbol for the mp3 version. If you have a Blackberry, still click on the Droid symbol. 

Hope this helps, and more importantly, hope you enjoy the ringtone. 

Remember, this is the ONLY place to find sweet Pokémon Ringtones. 

Exclusive Ringtones

Team Rocket Ringtone

I think sometimes we get carried away. Is that a bad thing... of course not. The Pokémon Podcast is proud to present sweet, exclusive iPhone ringtones. I'm sure other phones can play them too, but we can't please everyone. 

These are free to download and put onto your iPhone or other mobile devices. We don't know specifics of how often we are going to pump some of these out, but if you like them and demand for them, then we will do it. If you have an Android or a Blackberry or any other phone, let us know so we can work something out.

Yes, Chartreuse is a real color, it's also an alcoholic beverage. "So good they named a color after it." If you get that reference, we will send you a free something. Something cool. Reply in the comments if you know.

Only us would think of something so awesome and crazy. Remember, we are the ONLY place to get cool Pokémon Ringtones!


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