July Letter from SBJ

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I just got back for the National Pokémon Tournament last week. While there, I met a ton of Pokémon fans and some who knew about "It's Super Effective". This year I didn't play the video game. With 2 week prior to Nationals, I attempted to perfect my Vanilluxe/Vileplume/Victini deck for the TCG segment. Due to the slow nature of the deck, I lost 2 matches because of time alone. Overall, I was happy with my showing of 4 wins - 5 losses. Speaking of "It's Super Effective"...
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Pokémon Nationals Travelogue

Well, dudes, I've been home from Pokémon Nationals for a few days now and felt like it was time to capture my thoughts in an article.  This was my first trip to Nationals and my first time meeting up with the rest of the Pokémon Podcast crew.  My memory may not be the greatest, please forgive any inaccuracies, I will try to capture as many vignettes as possible.  Keep in mind as well that I spent most of my time with Irene and Kidd, they will most likely show up more frequently in my tales.

First off - the drive to Indianapolis from DC is horrible.  Ten hours.  The first four are through the western mountains of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Then it is completely flat and boring through Ohio and Indiana.  I was about seven and a half hours into the trip when I texted Irene and told her I was going to turn around and go home.  I just couldn't take it anymore!

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New TCG Playmats

Hey guys. Here's our newest item in the store! Enjoy!

This full-color playmat is printed on a smooth material with thick cushioned under-side that grips to most tables while game playing. This Ice Cream inspired playmat is perfect for any TCG player. Sublimation Printing Soft Top, 1/16" Rubber Backed 14" x 24"Only 25 of these are being made. If you order before Friday the 22nd of June, you should get it before Nationals.

Made in America. 

Free Shipping USA. Please hit the "International" button to pay to ship the tube overseas.


I See Mew Redux

A while back, we shared a video from GameTrailers.com showing how to trick your Red Version or Blue Version cartridge into giving you a battle with a wild Mew, without the aid of a cheating device. Well, new information has come to light about exactly how and why it works. Check out the re-edited episode of GT's Pop-Fiction below!



App Obtained! - "EV-Gear Free"

Heya guys, Kenny here with a neat app I found for the iPod and iPhone called "EV-Gear Free"! As we all know, EV training can be a bit tough, whether you're new to it or not. Learning how to EV train is hard enough, but keeping track of all of the EVs your current Pokémon can be kind of frusterating. That's where the app comes in; simply input your Pokémon and all of its information (Level, Nature, IVs, any EVs it may have obtained Pokérus stats, and the Brace it's currently holding) and 1... 2... Ta-daa! The app comes up with the stats you should be at!

Furthermore, you can then choose an area you want to train at and keep track of how many IVs you have obtained. Say I have a Pokémon with 0 Sp.Atk EVs, a Power Lens, and Pokérus. Let us then say that I defeated a Litwick. I press the corresponding button on the app, and it's all calculated! It's a little hard to explain, so please check it out yourself!

I really hope you guys get use out of this app. If you like it, make sure to give it a good review!

EV Gear Free - iTunes

2012 PKMN Contest Give Away! (Winner Announced!)

Hey guys!

I had some extra Pokémon stuff laying around, and I wanted to do a contest! All you have to do is leave a comment below about how you like our site (www.pkmncast.com). It doesn't matter where you live, anyone is eliglbe to enter this contest. 

This is what you will be winning:

• Team Plasma Shirt

• Victini (V-Create) Oversized Card 

• Victini Sticker (and other stickers)

• PKMNcast Trainer Pin (Sold Out Everywhere)

• NDS/3DS Carrying Bag

• HeartGold/SoulSilver Edition of Nintendo Power (Mint)

• Hydrgigon/Victini Card Holder

• PKMNcast Wristband

• PKMNcast Buttons

• Black/White Anime Comic

• All Eight McDonalds PKMN Toys

• PKMN Trading Cards (assorted mix)

and finally...

• Pikachu DSi/DSi XL Charger (New in Box)

Thats a ton of stuff for free! Only one comment below will count. You will have to sign up for an account in order to comment. Contest rules can change at anytime. Contest will end of Feburary 14th.