078 Evil, a Sin, is Alive

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SBJ returns with David and Jay (an older guest). We go over Black and White 2 news. We talk all about Darkrai and dive into Latios and Latias talk for PKMN of the Week. On top of that, Jay, explains Shattered Gemstones. Enjoy!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Jay and David

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PokéFact: Celebrating Fifteen Years (And Rambling)

Hello guys! It’s Tuesday and I don’t know if you remember, because it seriously has been awhile, but I used to post Pokéfacts on Tuesdays. Now, I really don’t know what happened during that one or two month period, but I am back now and that’s what matters right? (Actually, Steven just kinda announced my failures on the new episode, which I am on by the way [I have yet to hear it, because some people *ahem* were too “busy” to put it up, but I bet I sound terrible, because I usually do in real life, so I am sorry about that] so I figure actually posting would justify for my actions.)

So I really want to do a long post this time, to make up for my absence, so I possibly may be rambling a bit. I will try not to, but I do like to ramble, so I can make no promises. As you guys know already, Black & White came out early this month. I got Black for my birthday (thank you Stevie <3)!  Black and White brought us the fifth generation to us! Which, I find it lovely, because I remember back in the day when stealing my siblings Red and Blue games and playing their games on a Gameboy and everywhere you went was something new. I already knew a lot of the Pokémon from the anime and I basically memorized the PokéRap at the end (yes, Aaron, some of us did listen to that!), so it’s not like any of the Pokémon was new to me, but it was the whole adventure in the game that I found the most fun. I mean I didn’t want to kill a Zubat every time

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MOTW: Rage Powder

Black and White are out! Hooray! Now with the official introduction of triple battles into the fighting mechanics our first MOTW article is diving head first into one of the most potentially complex fighting systems out there. Lets go!

With a whole new set of Pokemon out and a new set of moves, that’s what we’re going to be covering into the future, at least for a while here. So why Rage Powder?

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PKMN of the Week: Snivy

Hope everyone got a copy of Black/White over the weekend!

Snivy #495

It absorbs energy in the sunlight to grow more powerful, which also sharpens its movements and agility. It is a smart Pokémon with a cool demeanor. It usually basks in the sun and undergoes photosynthesis with its tail, which droops when it loses energy. Mostly they live in tall grass in forests, or in trees.


 • Shortly after its release, much like many other Generation V Pokémon newly introduced, Snivy received the fan-made moniker, "Smugleaf". This name was picked up on and published in an article on video gaming-focused blog Kotaku and later in an issue of Official Nintendo Magazine Australia and New Zealand, as well as its United Kingdom counterpart.

• Despite what its Pokédex entry for Black says, it cannot have the ability Chlorophyll.


031 R.E.V.A.M.P.

Episode 031, the first of the Revamped shows we are doing. Why is it "revamped" - well... because we have two brand new guests on it. SBJ talks with Kenny and Travis about Pokemon Black and White, as well as, Rayquaza, News regarding Bento Boxes, and more. We also have some awesome music by A-1. Enjoy!

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis and Kenny



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Finally a Featured Team

Big thanks to people who send in your teams. The reason Featured Team was out for a bit is because I am redesigning a template to make it easier for you guys to submit your teams! This will be key in Black and White when it drops March 6. Anyways...

Team 20 (20 teams now!) is from jmeister9497. He is aware he has a lot of Steel on the Team, so let's give some good feedback on how to fix that!


029 Pokemon Green Verison

In this epsisde the PKMNcast interviews Khoury from the Anime. Khoury (Japanese: カズナリ Kazunari) is a Trainer from Johto as well as a friend of Lyra's. They both debuted in An Egg Scramble!.

We also talk about some Pokémon News such as the give aways with Black and White. We go over a featured team, PKMN of the Week, Critical Hit, and we talk about the expos we will be at such as C2E2 and Midwest Gaming Classic. #love


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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil and Kirb

Show notes: Khoury Info

012 The Winner

We announce the winner of the PokéDex!! It's SBJ, Aaron, and BrownKidd this week to bring you throughts on Black/White and more importantly... the hate of HMs. We also talk about some other junk. Audio quaility is "iffy".

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Show notes: brownkidd from Albotas 
Let's Draw Pokémon Day 

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