PKMN of the Week: Serperior

Out of your Generation V starters the things to remember about Serperior are:  Dude is Grass-type.  He has the most weaknesses of any of the starter types.  He makes up for this defensively - he has the highest Defense and Special Defense base stats of the trio.  Finally, he is the fastest  - quite ready to leap out and correct you with alacrity.

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Rustling Grass - Episode 002

Rustling Grass Episode 002: Poli-Rob

What's Your Favorite Pokemon: My Favourite Pokemon seems to change as often as my underwear (which is often, honest) but if I were to really think about it then I would probably choose Lucario. To me, he is probably the coolest looking Pokemon. His design is awesome and I love his typing. Since I first had him in Pearl he has been a mainstay in my teams, even earning the captains armband (soccer reference). 

What Was Your First Pokemon Experience: I remember Pokemon RED/BLUE came...

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Rustling Grass - Episode 001

Rustling Grass Episode 001: Justin

What's Your Favorite Pokemon: At the moment, it's probably Luxray. Luxray was the first Pokemon I got really excited about using in Pearl version, since Turtwig, Starly, and Bidoof were a little underwhelming at the time. But I got over it for a while. 

However, a few months ago, I was scrolling through tumblr and I started seeing a lot of Luxray fan art. Some cool gijinkas (people drawn wearing clothes that resemble a certain Pokemon), some cool battle art, etc. So there was a lot of it just floating around on the outside of my peripheral. 

Then, one day, I was making some changes to my Doubles team, and I figured I might as well...

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074 Decaf and DNA Faced (C2E2)

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074 Decaf and DNA Faced is the live show from the 2012 C2E2. David and SBJ had over 80 people to present to. This is the audio only version. Video version coming soon. We talk about Japanese Folklore and answer audience questions. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out!!

Host: SBJ and David

MOTW: Leech Seed

Hi everyone, Kenny here! Looks like I'm the new MOTW editor, so let's see if I can do this. I figured I'd start out by talking about my favorite move: Leech Seed. Why do I love Leech Seed? Well, as a little kid I thought it was awesome that you could basically hurt your opponent and get free HP. Plus, it was a Grass-Type move, and I absolutely love Grass-Types.


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PotW: Lileep (Kenny Edition)

One hundred million years ago, an ancient creature esided on the murky depths of the seafloor, eagerly awaiting any unsuspecting prey that might so happen to swim by. The wait was usually long and harsh, but well worth it. When something did happen to swim by, this creature of the depths hungrily extended its tentacle-like petals, grabbed the little morsel, and devoured it whole. Although this may sound like the premise to some horror movie I am, as a matter of fact, speaking of this week's Pokémon of the week; Lileep! Bet you never saw the cute little Rock/Grass Type in such a sinnister light, huh?

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PKMN of the Week: Snivy

Hope everyone got a copy of Black/White over the weekend!

Snivy #495

It absorbs energy in the sunlight to grow more powerful, which also sharpens its movements and agility. It is a smart Pokémon with a cool demeanor. It usually basks in the sun and undergoes photosynthesis with its tail, which droops when it loses energy. Mostly they live in tall grass in forests, or in trees.


 • Shortly after its release, much like many other Generation V Pokémon newly introduced, Snivy received the fan-made moniker, "Smugleaf". This name was picked up on and published in an article on video gaming-focused blog Kotaku and later in an issue of Official Nintendo Magazine Australia and New Zealand, as well as its United Kingdom counterpart.

• Despite what its Pokédex entry for Black says, it cannot have the ability Chlorophyll.


MOTW: Magical Leaf

Introduced in Gen III, Magical Leaf shares similar characteristics to a couple of other moves that we’ve talked about before. It’s close relative is Aerial Ace, where it will hit your opponent no matter what sort of evasion they have built up, and no matter what your accuracy is sitting at as well. It also shares the same power rating of 60, but Magical Leaf is interesting as it is a very grass specific move. The few Pokemon that can learn it are almost strictly grass or psychic type.

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PKMN of the WEEK: Bellsprout

Pokémon of the Week: Bellsprout!

Bellsprout is dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon.
It evolves into Weepinbell starting at level 21, who evolves into Victreebel via Leaf Stone.

Special abilities

Despite their small size, Bellsprout are versatile. Their stem is long, thin and very flexible, making then capable of swerving rapidly to avoid many attacks it is weak to or move with blinding speed to capture prey. They can use their roots to replenish moisture and health from the ground if they get hit. They can also channel their roots through the ground to trip foes. They can also use their feet as insulator.

Source: Bulbapeida: Bellsprout