PKMN of the Week: Heatran

I must confess, I am a total goof.  I started playing Pokémon Diamond when it first came out, but never finished.  What can I say?  Life got in the way.  Hopefully I will beat the elite four in Emerald soon so I can finally move on and restart Diamond.

I like a Fire-type.  Something about their passion and flaming tempers draws me in every time.  I also like a unique Pokémon - I know that isn't the best battle strategy but there is something about potentially surprising an opponent with a Pokémon they have never seen or whose type they can't identify that thrills me a bit.

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PKMN of the Week: Metagross

"Dude, that's so meta."

Meta is a prefix, derived from ancient Greek, used to indicate concurrency and reference.  Metadata is included with your data and describes aspects of the data while remaining separate from the data itself.

"Yo, bro, that's gross."

Gross is a word descended from Latin, through French, and into Middle English that originally meant large.  In current English "gross" is no longer used this way and instead means a collection of twelve dozen (144) items.

Who is the heaviest of all the Pokémon?  Not Wailord.  Who is the brilliant mind trapped in a bulky body made for battle?

"Dude, that Metagross is huge, bro."

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MOTW: Heavy Slam

Heya guys, Kenny here. First off, sorry about not posting an article last week. Anyway, enough of that. Let's get on to our Move of the Week: Heavy Slam!

Heavy Slam is a Physical-Category Steel Type move with 100% accuracy. The power, however, varies upon weight! That's right friends, for once that part of the Pokédex entry that tells you how heavy a Pokémon is actually matters! As the name might lead you to imagine, heavy Pokémon are best suited for this move. The heavier the user is than its opponent, the more damage the move does! For those who are curious...

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Welcome Our Gym Leaders

Welcome to the Grey League!

We are still prepping our teams for the best challenge of your life. With that being said, it'll be the most fun yo should have!

Our Gym Leaders are hand-picked from over 40 people who battled. Just because you see tiers, does not mean that it ranges from Easy to Hard. These Leaders all have unique strategies to put you to the test. 

While more info develops, like the state of the badges, we advise you to continue training your team, as Trainers will have to submit their team of 6 they plan to use through the League. 

Also, badges are in the works now that the new store items have launched. Stay tuned for the names and what the badges look like in days to come. 

The League should being late June / early July for everyone to participate. 

Again, any questions, please ASK!

Finally a Featured Team

Big thanks to people who send in your teams. The reason Featured Team was out for a bit is because I am redesigning a template to make it easier for you guys to submit your teams! This will be key in Black and White when it drops March 6. Anyways...

Team 20 (20 teams now!) is from jmeister9497. He is aware he has a lot of Steel on the Team, so let's give some good feedback on how to fix that!


PKMN of the Week: Skarmory

Skarmory are tall birds with long necks and long legs. They have red feathers under sheaths that cover their very sharp wings. Their skin and feathers are hard because they live and are raised in very harsh conditions. Their nests are usually found in thorn bushes, where continual scratching of their skin will eventually harden it into an iron-like state. Skarmory, like most Steel-type Pokémon, are silver-gray except for their red feathers, yellow eyes, and metallic-blue neck, talons, and tail. Their feet both have three toes on them, two in front and one in back, and their tail has hooked ends. Skarmory also possesses a pointed, triangular crest on its head, and, although Skarmory are otherwise birdlike, several teeth in its lower jaw. Their wings are actually hollow, despite their appearance, allowing them to travel up to 190mph.

  • No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Skarmory.
  • Skarmory is the only Pokémon to learn Steel Wing via level-up, and is one of only three Pokémon that get STAB from it. The other two are Scizor and Empoleon.
  • Skarmory has the highest base Defense of all Flying-types.


PKMN of the Week: Steelix

Welcome to November!

This month we are going to kick it off with a Pokémon that weighs 881lbs. 

Steelix is a dual-type Steel/Ground Pokémon.
It evolves from Onix via trade with a Metal Coat.

Steelix resemble giant iron snakes. They are a reflective, silvery gray, which reflects the sunlight making them shine slightly. They are about 30 feet long. Their body is made up of rock-like sections, some of which have massive rock spikes coming out of them. They have a massive head mainly made up of their jaw. The jaw is large and wide with sets of large square teeth inside. Along their bottom jaw are a pair of ridges (varies with gender). Their eye sockets are slightly set in, giving them good eye protection. Underneath their bottom jaw and chin, on the underside of the jaw, there are small square domes. Their heads have two long ridges going from the eyes up to the top of their heads. Their jaws also have massive ridges where they meet their skull.

The rock portions on their body start at the back of their head. There are three slightly larger sections that have the massive rock-like spikes coming out of them. The tail ends in a long sharp point, but with a blunt tip. Steelix's rock-like sections don't look perfect and can easily be mistaken for rocks, for they have many chips and scrapes all along them from fights and tunneling.

Fun Fact: Steelix is the second longest known Pokémon, surpassed in length only by Wailord.

Source: Bulbapeida