PKMN of the Week: Heracross

My friend Andrew found a dead beetle under his bed recently.

If you know him, you can look up the picture on Twitter.  The poor thing is lying on its side, just . . . dead.

There are so many different types of beetles in the world.  In Asia, beetles are sometimes used for insect fighting - much like other types of animal fighting it is kind of gross.  One of the most popular battlers, though, is the Rhinoceros Beetle.  They can get pretty big - up to six inches - among the largest beetles in the world.  They use the horn on top of their head to chase off potential rivals.  Having recently learned this fact, I am going to start bringing a Rhinoceros Beetle with me when I go out on Saturday nights!

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PKMN of the Week: Volcarona

Can you think back to the days when you first emerged from the Day Care Center?  The old man and woman who run the place, they were certainly surprised to find an egg when your trainer had left two Pokémon to be raised there.  Then again, we all suspect the old couple may be a bit senile - they are always surprised when they find an egg, even after they have found hundreds of eggs.  Oh well, they mean no harm.

Your trainer added you to his or her party.  There you were, an egg amongst Pokéballs, wiggling up and down and bopping with every step your trainer took.  How long before you hatched?  How many steps would be necessary?

Were you cold and alone in those days or were you gently warmed; warmed by the presence of another Pokémon in your party?  Did that warmth encourage your growth?  Did it gently coax you from your shell home?

My fellow Pokémon, I mean trainers, I will tell you - every egg that I hatch gets hatched in half the time.  Why?  Because of the loving warmth of my Volcarona, David Hugs.

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064 Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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064 - SBJ, Travis, and Saul team up to talk about news. Travis goes through his Extreme Speed test course. We cover the Bug Gym Leader's (Grey) Featured Team, answer a quesetion on glitches, and take over PKMN of the Week! Enjoy all!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis & Saul

064 Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Rare Article: How to Use Your Pokémon Strengths in the Real World

All of us here in the PKMNCast community play a bunch of Pokémon. Probably more than is healthy. One of the main reasons, I would argue, that players flock to Pokémon is that it is a world with such rigid rules. It's all in the numbers, and besides a crit here and there, there isn't much chaos in the mix.

Compare that to the real world, which is more crazy than a wheelbarrow full of Crispin Glovers. It makes sense that we would enjoy the stability of the Pokémon world. Today, however, I am going to be talking about how we can use the skills in the world of Pokémon to make some sense of these mortal coils.
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PotW: Galvantula

Hey there everyone! Ever since the early days of the podcast, the guys at PKMNcast have always been 100%-accuracy-or-nothing kind of people. Whenever Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, or Thunder make an appearance in the Featured Team segment, it's always been very common for the hosts to suggest one of the 90 damage 100 accuracy moves as a replacement. As unfortunate as it is, the big-hitting, low accuracy moves are just too risky to be dependable in competitive battles.  But what if I told you that there was a Pokemon that, through use of its ability, was able to bump one of those mega-powerful moves up to 100% accuracy? Well, this week's Pokemon of the Week, Galvantula, can do just that!

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Rare Article: DIY PKMNCast Little Bug Cup!

On the last "It's Super Effective" we (jokingly?) suggested doing a tournament where only unevolvedBug types can be used. Honestly, with the Grey League going on, we probably won't start an official one in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER! I thought I'd present you Pokefolk with some rules to play with, in case a few of you wanted to do a tournament like this but did not want to put the effort into devising the minutia of the rules, you lazy slowpokes.
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Welcome Our Gym Leaders

Welcome to the Grey League!

We are still prepping our teams for the best challenge of your life. With that being said, it'll be the most fun yo should have!

Our Gym Leaders are hand-picked from over 40 people who battled. Just because you see tiers, does not mean that it ranges from Easy to Hard. These Leaders all have unique strategies to put you to the test. 

While more info develops, like the state of the badges, we advise you to continue training your team, as Trainers will have to submit their team of 6 they plan to use through the League. 

Also, badges are in the works now that the new store items have launched. Stay tuned for the names and what the badges look like in days to come. 

The League should being late June / early July for everyone to participate. 

Again, any questions, please ASK!

MOTW: Rage Powder

Black and White are out! Hooray! Now with the official introduction of triple battles into the fighting mechanics our first MOTW article is diving head first into one of the most potentially complex fighting systems out there. Lets go!

With a whole new set of Pokemon out and a new set of moves, that’s what we’re going to be covering into the future, at least for a while here. So why Rage Powder?

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