Pokéfact: Because It's Punny

Oh my god, a Pokefact! These are becoming rarer than rare candy (which you should go buy in the store). And my bad jokes, bring us to today’s pokefact: the Puns of Pokemon.

Pokemon is just a book of puns. Some are clever and some, yeah, not so much.

Let’s look at some main characters: Ash Ketchum and Tracey Sketchit. Try and guess what they do. Well, there are species known as the red ash, the green ash, the blue ash, and the indigo ash and Ketchum is a more clever spelling of ‘Catch ‘Em’ and you know Ash, he gotta catch ‘em all (and then later abandon them and go to a new region, but whatever.) Tracey, is just trace with a ‘y’ and his surname Sketchit didn’t even try to be not obvious.

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PokéFact: That Episode With Guns

Back in December, I posted a fact about anime episode 38, Electric Soldier Porygon, which was banned because it caused seizures. Well, if we go back three episodes to 35 we can find another banned episode.

The Legend of Dratini, was first broadcast on November 25th, 1997 in Japan, but was never broadcast in the the States, or most countries outside of Asia. This is due to the profanity and the use of firearms.

Summary of the episode is that Ash and friends are touring the Safari Zone. They sing. A guy named

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The One Who Adds Commentary To Her Own Post

Hi guys, Sarah here. My brother, Steven, has given us Editors the lovely task of writing a whole little anniversary posting. To be frank, I have no idea what I am suppose to say, nor do I know what anyone else is saying, so this is either going to be short and awkward (like me) or really long and me blabing on and on about nonsense, so let's see where this takes us, yeah?
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PokéFact: Celebrating Fifteen Years (And Rambling)

Hello guys! It’s Tuesday and I don’t know if you remember, because it seriously has been awhile, but I used to post Pokéfacts on Tuesdays. Now, I really don’t know what happened during that one or two month period, but I am back now and that’s what matters right? (Actually, Steven just kinda announced my failures on the new episode, which I am on by the way [I have yet to hear it, because some people *ahem* were too “busy” to put it up, but I bet I sound terrible, because I usually do in real life, so I am sorry about that] so I figure actually posting would justify for my actions.)

So I really want to do a long post this time, to make up for my absence, so I possibly may be rambling a bit. I will try not to, but I do like to ramble, so I can make no promises. As you guys know already, Black & White came out early this month. I got Black for my birthday (thank you Stevie <3)!  Black and White brought us the fifth generation to us! Which, I find it lovely, because I remember back in the day when stealing my siblings Red and Blue games and playing their games on a Gameboy and everywhere you went was something new. I already knew a lot of the Pokémon from the anime and I basically memorized the PokéRap at the end (yes, Aaron, some of us did listen to that!), so it’s not like any of the Pokémon was new to me, but it was the whole adventure in the game that I found the most fun. I mean I didn’t want to kill a Zubat every time

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PokéFact: Sparkling and Mouse Squeaks

Happy Tuesday, Pokénerds. How are all of you today (: I am wondering what kind of facts you prefer, longer ones, where I go into I go into detail (and get off topic *cough*) or short ones where I just get to the point. Leave your thoughts down below.

Well, todays fact will be a short one, just because I don't feel like typing a long one. But it will be about the Pokémon we all know and love Pikachu! (Serious, is is possible to hate him?) Ever wonder where the name "Pikachu" came from? Guess what? You get to find out now! Pikachu is named after after the Japanese onomatopoeia for sparkling and mouse squeaks, because the word sparkling creates the sound "pika-pika" and the sound of a mouse squeak translate to "chu," therefore we get the word Pikachu. Pikachu was also the hardest to name out of all the Pokémon.

And that was your fact for today. Now I have to go and try to sleep, because I start school again tomorrow o.O I really have no idea how to end this now... So umm yeah. Goodbye. 

PokéFact: Blast From The Past

I'm sorry guys, but this post has to be a short one. I final exams this week and I don't have as much time as I usually do and everything is just stupid. (Don't you miss being in high school?) I'll try to make it up to you though. Next weeks post may be a long one and in this post I'll do multiple mini facts that a lot of you probably already know (sue me!), but it's better than nothing, right? Though I do give you permission to hate me, if you don't already. (:

Clean the dust off your Game Boys, because today facts are going to be about Red and Blue, which if you remember came out way back in 1998 and you should be please to know that I was already born during that time. I was only two at the time, but I was alive and well, which should count for something! And now time for the facts:

In Red and Blue, you were able to use a fishing rod on the Rhydon statues. However, nothing was found unless you used an Old Rod. Ninetales' name was originally spelled as "Nine Tales" in some early copies of the game. Some beta versions of Red and Blue list Machamp's original name as "Ju-Doh." The Nidorino that appears in Professor Oak's introduction has the cry of a Nidorina. Red and Blue only use 37 completely unique sound clips for cries. The sounds are played back in different ways for each Pokemon. And finally, they collectively are the best selling (non-bundled) game of all time.

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Jigglypuff is Satan

So if any of you guys realised, there was no fact yesterday. Yes, I know this is very heartbreaking, but I actually did have a fact all written out and pretty and it committed suicided and died. *tear* May you rest in peace little post that I didn't bother to type up again. You will get your fact next week, but to make myself feel less guilty, I needed to post. I wanted to share a video with you guys, if you haven't already seen, that I think it will amuse you guys. It's a video where they try to explain that Pokemon is evil and it even includes Jigglypuff as the Devil. Once again, logic never wins. So enjoy that.

There is only one hour left until the live podcast? Am I the only one excited about that? I have a quick question to give to you guys before I depart; I keep refereeing to you people as "you guys", because it's a general term for both males and females. I am really curious about that gender stats on this site. I know I'm a girl and so is Catie, but are there any other female listeners? That is all I guess. I promise a fact next Tuesday!!! <3

PokéFact: Things Unseen

It's your favorite time of week again! That's right, PokéFactDay-- otherwise known as Tuesday, if you don't like the bizzar looks when you say Happy PokéFactDay! In celebration of the new year and to brighten your day because you keep writing "2010" and then needing to cross out the last two digits and replace them with "11" since you're not use to writing the date yet, we have TWO semi-facts that some people have probably noticed already, while others weren't paying close attention. And I even made animations for you!!! Aren't I nice? So here are two things you might have not noticed why watching/playing/reading Pokémon. 


First, if you look at Diglett you notice he has his body, two eyes and a nose. Pretty normal right? But what if it isn't a nose. Look again: See the white spot towards the top left of his "nose"? (inside the yellow circle if you didn't notice my helpful hint) What if it is in fact really not a...

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PokéFact: The Seizure Episode

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that all of you guys had a lovely Christmas. Once again, I am here in hopes to blow your mind with a fact you didn't know. Jeez guys, can't you just lie and make me feel better. :P Ahaha, kidding, but here is my attempt.

On December 16th, 1997 an episode titled Electric Soldier Porygon aired in Japan. It would have been episode 38 if it and another episode were not ban before hand, since It came before Pikachu's Goodbye, and after Ditto's Mysterious Mansion. Any of this sounding familiar? In the episode, there was a scene where Ash and his friends were inside a computer with a Porygon and some missiles exploded.  It was a fifteen second section in which Pikachu used an electric attack on some vaccine missiles. The explosion was shown as a bright flashing object which alternated rapidly between red and blue. Because of this nearly seven hundred Japanese children suffered seizures, vomiting, irritated eyes and other symptoms due to a flashing strobe effect. The Electric Soldier Porygon only aired that single time and was never commercially released or re-broadcast anywhere in the world due to it being banned by the Japanese government. Also, this episode gained Pokémon the dubious title of "Most Seizures Caused by an Animated Television Program" from The Guinness Book of World Records. Despite Pikachu being the one to cause the explosion causing the seizure attacks, Porygon had never had another important role in an episode since. And neither has Porygon-Z who is currently the only Generation IV Pokémon that hasn't appeared in the anime or movies.

So if you were wondering why you never saw Porygon or Porygon-Z, you can blame the episode that caused seizures.

PokéFact: Professors of Nature


Sorry this is so late guys. I tried posting twice last night so you would see it this morning, but my computer is stupid so I decided to do it this morning, only I had no time before school and now after homework and cleaning, I come to you with your PokéFact... Ahh, don't you miss being young?

This week PokéFact is that every single main professor is named after a tree. Yup, that's right. There is Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Professor Rowan and Professor Araragi. Professor Araragi also happens to be the only female professor to be a main character in anime. There are other professors who relate to this pattern as well, such as Professor Silktree and Professor Ivy, though I know ivy is a plant and not a tree. There are more nature like names as well! Professor Fuji and Professor Westwood to name a few. 

That has been your Pokéfact this week! Did anyone else catch that while playing the games, watching the show or just stalking the internet?