Rare Article: Double Battle Strategy and VGC 2012

First off, thanks to Tyson for suggesting this topic! The rules for VGC 2012 have been announced, and it's going to be crazy. It'll be double battles again, but this time players aren't limited to Unova Pokémon. That's right, all Pokémon from #1-#646 are usable, except for a number of banned Pokémon. Numbers 647-649 are unreleased as of now so they won't be included. I'm going to focus on a few things that I think are going to be central in this year's VGC.
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PotW Supplement: VGC Side Event Battle

Hey guys, no time for a Pokemon of the Week article this week, because it's Sunday night, and I just got back from Nationals a few hours ago and am headed off to a camp in the morning. So, in leiu of that, I'm giving you my first Youtube video! It's a vid of me battling my friend Dalton, who also went to nats with me, in a VGC Side event that was taking place after the actual National Championships. The rules were the same as the VGC main event, except you didn't get to see your opponent's team, and you use all 6 of your Pokemon without making changes to their order. I really liked these rules, and won a few 8-man tournaments. Well, without further ado, here it is:

Well, as you can see, he got some Attract hax on my Pokes at the end there, and it almost cost me the match. I mean, immobilized by love like 3 times in a row?? That's ridiculous. Well, I hope everyone who went to nationals enjoyed it, I know I did. It was awesome seeing Steve, Aaron, Travis, and Chris, as well as a few other fans who came up to us. And that's all I've got, trainers.

MOTW: Rage Powder

Black and White are out! Hooray! Now with the official introduction of triple battles into the fighting mechanics our first MOTW article is diving head first into one of the most potentially complex fighting systems out there. Lets go!

With a whole new set of Pokemon out and a new set of moves, that’s what we’re going to be covering into the future, at least for a while here. So why Rage Powder?

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2011 Video Game Championship

VGC Logo

Join players from around the world and get ready to compete in the 2011 Pokémon Video Game Championship series! The series starts this spring and consists of multiple events across the United States and Europe—events where anyone can compete. Top players from the National Championships will be invited to the Pokémon Video Game World Championships, taking place this August in San Diego, California!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the major changes you’ll see at the 2011 Pokémon Video Game Championship competitions.

All of the events will be played exclusively on Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version, which will launch in early March. Players will be limited to Pokémon from the Unova Pokédex only, and no two Pokémon on a player’s team can have the same Pokédex number.

Players will compete in one of three age divisions, based on their date of birth:

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