Pokémon World Vacation

Hey guys!

SBJ here with an update. So right now I am writing this while on a plane going to California. On Friday, I will be competing in the Pokémon TCG and VGC Last-Chance Qualifier in San Diego, CA.  

I want to use this time to thank everyone who bought the World Bundles. While I don't use money the site makes for personal use, the extra dollars helped pay for a ticket to California. With that being said, I am also doing a pretty big project while I am down there, so in the scheme of things, it goes full cirlce to benefit the site. 

Worlds Bundle Pre-Order will END on Friday, Aug 12.  (Nyan Poke will still go on)

I also want to give a shout out to Ryan who is letting me crash at his house, and a shout out to Lyle who is tagging along to help with said secret project. Lyle also does a lot of photography for the site. You can follow them both on Twitter. 

Also another shout out to everyone on the Whimsy Tackle crew. For those of you who don't know... my first TCG deck consisted of Bidoof and Slowpoke - both knowing the move "Whimsy Tackle". It was a huge joke in Milwaukee when I played, so it fits how in two months I went from having a terrible deck to a deck ready to compete in a tournament. 

Side note - any orders placed in the last week will be delayed shipping due to me being out of town. I thank you for your patience until I get back home... hopefully as a real Pokémon Master.

Would love to hear your feedback in the comments!


PokéFact: Celebrating Fifteen Years (And Rambling)

Hello guys! It’s Tuesday and I don’t know if you remember, because it seriously has been awhile, but I used to post Pokéfacts on Tuesdays. Now, I really don’t know what happened during that one or two month period, but I am back now and that’s what matters right? (Actually, Steven just kinda announced my failures on the new episode, which I am on by the way [I have yet to hear it, because some people *ahem* were too “busy” to put it up, but I bet I sound terrible, because I usually do in real life, so I am sorry about that] so I figure actually posting would justify for my actions.)

So I really want to do a long post this time, to make up for my absence, so I possibly may be rambling a bit. I will try not to, but I do like to ramble, so I can make no promises. As you guys know already, Black & White came out early this month. I got Black for my birthday (thank you Stevie <3)!  Black and White brought us the fifth generation to us! Which, I find it lovely, because I remember back in the day when stealing my siblings Red and Blue games and playing their games on a Gameboy and everywhere you went was something new. I already knew a lot of the Pokémon from the anime and I basically memorized the PokéRap at the end (yes, Aaron, some of us did listen to that!), so it’s not like any of the Pokémon was new to me, but it was the whole adventure in the game that I found the most fun. I mean I didn’t want to kill a Zubat every time

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025 Pokémon Live Version

Part 1 - The first ever live Podcast of "It's Super Effective". We have guest callers, a live chat, and an awesome time. We talk about all Pokémon ranging from Black and White news to a ton of other stuff. Rate us in iTunes to win the contest too!

Part 2 of the 3 hour epic LIVE show. Why was it 3 hours? Because over 100 fans asked for it to keep going. We talk about old Pokémon Toys, Pikachu Yo-Yos, Shinies, Bidoofs, and more. Epic can't describe this 3 hour journey. Thank you fans. 

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Aaron and all of You!

Show notes: Contest | FYPBlog