PokéFact: That Episode With Guns

Back in December, I posted a fact about anime episode 38, Electric Soldier Porygon, which was banned because it caused seizures. Well, if we go back three episodes to 35 we can find another banned episode.

The Legend of Dratini, was first broadcast on November 25th, 1997 in Japan, but was never broadcast in the the States, or most countries outside of Asia. This is due to the profanity and the use of firearms.

Summary of the episode is that Ash and friends are touring the Safari Zone. They sing. A guy named

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Interview with the Voice of Brock

These are all friends over at ORS. THey did an interview with a voice actor from the Pokémon Anime! Give it a listen!

Welcome to Episode 34 of Operation Retroshock!

And that can mean only one thing....Its Allan's Birthday Show! What do we have in store this Episode? Well its another corker! We see the sooner than expected return of Pokémon!

Why is this?...Well, it is of course a favourite of Allan's but Chris decided to take it on himself to make this another Birthday Show to remember. The guys are going to be talking about the great Pokémon Gold/Silver and The 2nd Season of the Anime, not only that they have an interview with the one and only Eric Stuart! The man who voiced Brock, James, Butch and so many Pokémon you could take all day just to name them all!

So sit back relax and join the guys for some Birthday Pokémon Fun!


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Things That Show Up On Sarah's Tumblr Dash

And on a lighter note, to replace my lack of posting facts (I promise I will!) I am going to give you guys this. As some of you may know, I am a big Tumblr user, and I really do try to get traffic to the Diglett Cave and or the site itself, because I do have quite a lot of followers. Well, I see some pretty weird and amusing stuff on my dash, since I do follow about 250 people, give or take a few, and some of that stuff relates to Pokemon. So I don’t know if this is going to be a weekly thing, but the image down below is something I saw on my dash and it made me laugh and I think Stevie will find this especially enjoyable, because the same thing basically happened to us with out sister, Samantha. Tell me what you think! If you like this whole idea, I will continue doing it. If not, no big lost… I just really wanted to share the following with people! :D



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030 Pokemon Emerald Version (Live Show)

Live Show from Anime Milwaukee. SBJ, Aaron, and Catie for over news in reagards to the Trading Card Game, Celebi, and Victinni. We also answer a ton of listener questions as well as do a Q&A. This is our first Live Show... so the audio isn't the best, but it'll do pig... it'll do. 

Big Thanks to Everyone who came out and saw us in Milwaukee!


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Host: Steve || Guests: Aaron and Catie

029 Pokemon Green Verison

In this epsisde the PKMNcast interviews Khoury from the Anime. Khoury (Japanese: カズナリ Kazunari) is a Trainer from Johto as well as a friend of Lyra's. They both debuted in An Egg Scramble!.

We also talk about some Pokémon News such as the give aways with Black and White. We go over a featured team, PKMN of the Week, Critical Hit, and we talk about the expos we will be at such as C2E2 and Midwest Gaming Classic. #love


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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil and Kirb

Show notes: Khoury Info

Anime Milwaukee Live Podcast

2011 for us seems to be off to a great start! We have the live podcast next week on January 12th, we are going to be at the Midwest Gaming Classic in March, and now in February we will be at Anime Milwaukee at the Hyatt Center in Downtown Milwaukee. 

If your in the Midwest area and you love Anime and/or you love Pokémon and our show, then you should come down on February 19th at 9AM to hear us live for an hour and a half. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Hope to see everyone there!

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