Ex-ceptional Way to Combat EXs and Dragons

Pokemon Worlds wrapped up and the MVP is going to be Darkrai EX. Don’t have a Darkrai yet? They’re coming out in tins at the end of the September. So instead of paying out the rear end for them for the modest price of $15-ish you can take home a Darkrai EX and a bunch of packs. The biggest take away here is that you need to run cards with utility. Utility is huge and making the most of every single card in your deck will help you over come and defeat your opponents. Lets talk about some Pokemon that may be worth splashing into your decks. 

Bouffalant is a machine. It’s attack, Gold Breaker, is designed to combat EXs. While 120 damage only one shots Shaymin and Mew it is still a huge chunk of damage onto an EX and puts it within easy KO range of almost any other Pokemon. Its ability, same as the Pokemon tool Eviolite, makes him a decent wall as we

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078 Evil, a Sin, is Alive

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SBJ returns with David and Jay (an older guest). We go over Black and White 2 news. We talk all about Darkrai and dive into Latios and Latias talk for PKMN of the Week. On top of that, Jay, explains Shattered Gemstones. Enjoy!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Jay and David

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PKMN of the Week: Cresselia


I am still down here in Austin - the SXSW Music Conference is wrapping up and I will soon be enjoying many hours of much needed sleep.

During SXSW, depending on your point of view, the city of Austin can turn into a nightmare-scape.  All of downtown is closed off and literal hoards of people of all types - punk, country, hip hop, death metal, hipster, frat bros - mix in the streets (something along the lines of those first destruction scenes in Cloverfield).  The bass is turned up so loud in every club it sounds like explosions are going off from miles away.  The air hangs heavy with smoke of all kinds and laser lights project across the buildings overhead.  You can get caught up in the whirlwind of bands to see, take a turn down a wrong street, and stumble into a Harouki Zombi performance.

What balm can aid the troubled mind in such a scenario?  Who will come to your aid, bring you peace, and end the torment of phantasm?

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