Pokéfact: Because It's Punny

Oh my god, a Pokefact! These are becoming rarer than rare candy (which you should go buy in the store). And my bad jokes, bring us to today’s pokefact: the Puns of Pokemon.

Pokemon is just a book of puns. Some are clever and some, yeah, not so much.

Let’s look at some main characters: Ash Ketchum and Tracey Sketchit. Try and guess what they do. Well, there are species known as the red ash, the green ash, the blue ash, and the indigo ash and Ketchum is a more clever spelling of ‘Catch ‘Em’ and you know Ash, he gotta catch ‘em all (and then later abandon them and go to a new region, but whatever.) Tracey, is just trace with a ‘y’ and his surname Sketchit didn’t even try to be not obvious.

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PokéFact: Celebrating Fifteen Years (And Rambling)

Hello guys! It’s Tuesday and I don’t know if you remember, because it seriously has been awhile, but I used to post Pokéfacts on Tuesdays. Now, I really don’t know what happened during that one or two month period, but I am back now and that’s what matters right? (Actually, Steven just kinda announced my failures on the new episode, which I am on by the way [I have yet to hear it, because some people *ahem* were too “busy” to put it up, but I bet I sound terrible, because I usually do in real life, so I am sorry about that] so I figure actually posting would justify for my actions.)

So I really want to do a long post this time, to make up for my absence, so I possibly may be rambling a bit. I will try not to, but I do like to ramble, so I can make no promises. As you guys know already, Black & White came out early this month. I got Black for my birthday (thank you Stevie <3)!  Black and White brought us the fifth generation to us! Which, I find it lovely, because I remember back in the day when stealing my siblings Red and Blue games and playing their games on a Gameboy and everywhere you went was something new. I already knew a lot of the Pokémon from the anime and I basically memorized the PokéRap at the end (yes, Aaron, some of us did listen to that!), so it’s not like any of the Pokémon was new to me, but it was the whole adventure in the game that I found the most fun. I mean I didn’t want to kill a Zubat every time

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