2012 PKMN Contest Give Away! (Winner Announced!)

Hey guys!

I had some extra Pokémon stuff laying around, and I wanted to do a contest! All you have to do is leave a comment below about how you like our site (www.pkmncast.com). It doesn't matter where you live, anyone is eliglbe to enter this contest. 

This is what you will be winning:

• Team Plasma Shirt

• Victini (V-Create) Oversized Card 

• Victini Sticker (and other stickers)

• PKMNcast Trainer Pin (Sold Out Everywhere)

• NDS/3DS Carrying Bag

• HeartGold/SoulSilver Edition of Nintendo Power (Mint)

• Hydrgigon/Victini Card Holder

• PKMNcast Wristband

• PKMNcast Buttons

• Black/White Anime Comic

• All Eight McDonalds PKMN Toys

• PKMN Trading Cards (assorted mix)

and finally...

• Pikachu DSi/DSi XL Charger (New in Box)

Thats a ton of stuff for free! Only one comment below will count. You will have to sign up for an account in order to comment. Contest rules can change at anytime. Contest will end of Feburary 14th. 

Rare Article: How to Improve a Pokémon Team

You've got a decent team. It wins you a few of your matches, so there isn't much to complain about. But, it isn't working quite like it should. Something is missing. I'm here to help you find out whatever that is. Making a team is hard, but sometimes revising a team is even harder. Here are three tips for improving on an already finished team. Buckle your idiomatic seat belts, folks.
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Rare Article: Subtle Team Synergy

In my experience, most Pokémon battles are lost because of one of these three things:

1. Your team, while made up of good Pokémon, only works as isolated powerhouses, not as a functioning unit.
2. Your team works so well with each other that your strategy was apparent, and someone exploited its weaknesses.
3. You just lost. Bulbasaur happens. Try again.

What if I told you I have a solution for problems one and two? I know you are curious. The answer to all your questions are just a click away. As long as all of your questions pertain to this specific subject.
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Guess Who's Back?

What's up guys! Guess who's back, yea that's right me. I've been on vacation and doing all sorts of stuff in the past couple of weeks, but my life is Pokemon non-stop from here on out. I'm going to the Pokemon VGC's with SBJ in just over a week here and this is the team I'm going to try and make it with. Not 100% set on the move set yet but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm going to try and make them work the best I can. I like the Pokemon actually and I think it'll be a fun team to use. 

Comment below!

-It's Super Effective


Welcome our NEW Featured Team Editor: Tytanious

While picking a new editor is always a hard decision, I think Tytanious was a great choice. He will be keeping us up to date on teams weekly. While in the past we had trouble keeping this consistent, Tytan will make sure ever week you can judge and learn about new teams!

Welcome to the team!

Take the jump to the Eeveelious team we have for you this week!


043 Real As It Gets

Episode 043 of the Pokemon Podcast. SBJ teams up with Aaron, Jay, and Travis. We start off hard with a Featured Team. We the cover tons of user questions for a solid hour. Ranging from puns, to thoughts, to gen III pokes, we do it all. Finally, we have a sweet PKMN of the Week, as well as, Travis announcing something new. It's Super effective

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Host: Steve || Guests: Travis, Jay, Aaron