Decaf and DNA Faced - C2E2 2012 Live Panel

Decaf and DNA Faced - C2E2 2012 Live Panel from PKMNcast on Vimeo.

(Video Version of Episode 074) Decaf and DNA Faced is the live show from the 2012 C2E2. David and SBJ had over 80 people to present to. This is the audio only version. Video version coming soon. We talk about Japanese Folklore and answer audience questions. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out!!

NuzleafGreen - A PKMNcast Fundraiser

The Introduction

What's up everyoneeeeeee! How was that for an impression of SBJ? What, you tell me you can't really tell because this is only text and reading something can't accurately convey the way someone speaks and therefore could be interpreted differently by every single individual reading this? Well I suppose you're right, but hey that's not why we're here today. No, we are here today to talk about an awesome fundraiser for PKMNcast; a fundraiser in the form of the infamous "Let's Play" titled "NuzleafGreen".

Now, before I go any farther, I'll tell you what this is about. The PKMNcast community, more specifically our man Steve Black Jr. himself, has been going strong for almost two whole years now. "It's Super Effective!" may have started at rather humble beginnings, but has now grown into a strong, independent Podcast from which a wonderful and diverse community has emerged. Steve has gone out of his way to build up a friendly-yet-professional (actually I might not fit that last part too well) staff who all share a love of Pokémon and who are all dedicated to informing and helping others in any way they can.

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The Legend of the Whimsy Tackle

The Legend of the Whimsy Tackle 

Well folks, I'm going to cut to the chase. The only sure way to win in the Pokémon card game is at your doorstep. Just right ahead in this article you will find out the greatest secret of the TCG discovered eons ago by the ancestor of your very own sbj, the great pirate, sbJambeard. This secret is not for the faint of heart or those lacking a sense of humor. So prepare yourself for the grand unstoppable, incredible, legendary, fantastic, Exodia doesnt have BULBASAUR on this Pokémon card, invulnerable, consistent, and fabulous force of..........DUN DUH DUH DUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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The One Who Adds Commentary To Her Own Post

Hi guys, Sarah here. My brother, Steven, has given us Editors the lovely task of writing a whole little anniversary posting. To be frank, I have no idea what I am suppose to say, nor do I know what anyone else is saying, so this is either going to be short and awkward (like me) or really long and me blabing on and on about nonsense, so let's see where this takes us, yeah?
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VGC Update & News

Hey everyone! SBJ here, back from my vacation at VGCs. I missed all of you! So a couple things going on. First off, we have a new Featured Team, jump over to that to check it out. Secondly, we have a new shirt coming out! If you want to get it before everyone else, go ahead and jump over to our store to check out the pricing! The shirt has not been reviled yet, but I promise it's in the top 10% of shirts out there. Kenny will have a new segment starting next week Tuesday, stay tuned for that. Grey League will be starting July 20th. Please keep in mind Gym Leaders have lives, but anytime after that day your battles will count. 

On top of all this, enjoy this video of my VGC team sweeping Aaron's VGC team!

Vacation for VGCs

I will be taking the next week off. During this time... I will be driving 8 hours to Indiana to compete in the VGCs. Hopefully, I make it past the last chance quailifier. If I do, then I move onto Saturday/Sunday!

I will be updating info on my Twitter or via the Facebook group. Even possibly Tumblr.

Any orders placed will be shipped late next week. Any e-mails for concerns, comments, questions, will be answered next week as well. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Good news from all this is that we will open up Grey League officially when I get back.  

Thanks for being awesome!

Wish me luck,

<3 SBJ

Featured Team is back (again)

This seems to be the most popular section of the site at times, yet it is the one that isn't updated weekly like our other content. That will all change next week when we introduce our new Featured Team editor. 

Some fans requested that I put my team on featured team because it was fan made, so without further ado, sbj's Black/White fan made team

020 The Great Return

The longest Pokémon Podcast yet, but the best for sure. SBJ is joined by Catie, Wil, and Aaron. Also, Tim drops a line in about Miltank. We go over THREE Featured Teams, as well as, touch on listener mail. Also during this epic episode, you hear a sneak peak of Critical Hit. 

Stay Awesome.

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 Host: Steve || Guests: Catie and Wil and Aaron
 Quick Drop in: Tim