PKMN of the Week: Cleffa

Cleffa is not a power house in the Video Game world at all. With that being said, it can still find use it Little Cups. Cleffa can use it's hidden ability of Friend Guard to reduce damage done to allies in a double (or triple) battle by 25%. This is pretty drastic when it comes to baby Pokémon fight baby Pokémon. Cleffa also has a pretty vast moveset coming from Shadow Ball to Fire Blast and from Magical Leaf to Dream Eater. I personally think Metronome is a must have staple when running this family. 

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VGC Update & News

Hey everyone! SBJ here, back from my vacation at VGCs. I missed all of you! So a couple things going on. First off, we have a new Featured Team, jump over to that to check it out. Secondly, we have a new shirt coming out! If you want to get it before everyone else, go ahead and jump over to our store to check out the pricing! The shirt has not been reviled yet, but I promise it's in the top 10% of shirts out there. Kenny will have a new segment starting next week Tuesday, stay tuned for that. Grey League will be starting July 20th. Please keep in mind Gym Leaders have lives, but anytime after that day your battles will count. 

On top of all this, enjoy this video of my VGC team sweeping Aaron's VGC team!