NuzleafGreen - A PKMNcast Fundraiser

The Introduction

What's up everyoneeeeeee! How was that for an impression of SBJ? What, you tell me you can't really tell because this is only text and reading something can't accurately convey the way someone speaks and therefore could be interpreted differently by every single individual reading this? Well I suppose you're right, but hey that's not why we're here today. No, we are here today to talk about an awesome fundraiser for PKMNcast; a fundraiser in the form of the infamous "Let's Play" titled "NuzleafGreen".

Now, before I go any farther, I'll tell you what this is about. The PKMNcast community, more specifically our man Steve Black Jr. himself, has been going strong for almost two whole years now. "It's Super Effective!" may have started at rather humble beginnings, but has now grown into a strong, independent Podcast from which a wonderful and diverse community has emerged. Steve has gone out of his way to build up a friendly-yet-professional (actually I might not fit that last part too well) staff who all share a love of Pokémon and who are all dedicated to informing and helping others in any way they can.

Throughout its lifespan, "It's Super Effective!" has been doing all sorts of good things for people. Through the dedication and hard work of the PKMNcast crew and, most importantly and specifically, SBJ, a podcast has been formed that has proven to both bring many-a-smile to and inform a large amount of Pokémon fans all throughout the world with the satisfaction and happiness of those fans being the only form of payment needed. On top of that, our charming host has also gone out of his way to help out others in need, such as the fundraiser he started last year that raised $200 for the disaster relief fund in Japan for those who were affected by the devastating tsunami.

It is once again time for a fundraiser, however this is the first one not sanctioned by Steve. From the point of view a member of the PKMNcast crew as well as from the view of a PKMNcast fan, I feel that Steve is doing a phenomenal job with everything related to "It's Super Effective!" and because of that I very much want to do something to  help the site out in any way possible. After quite a bit of thinking, it hit me how I could help; I could make a "Let's Play" with heavy audience participation! I figured that, by doing this, people would not only be helping out the site with their donations, but they would also get a chance to (hopefully) be entertained as well and thus NuzleafGreen was born!


What Is Nuzleaf Green?

Let's get on to the important stuff... The rules! NuzleafGreen will be a Nuzlocke Run of Pokémon: LeafGreen Version (as the name implies) broadcasted via Livestream. Players will have the chance to watch the playthrough and, through donations influence the game! Through your donations, you will be able to help decide the names of the Pokémon captured, and perhaps even the names of the Player and Rival! You can also donate in order to influence other things as well! Perhaps you want a certain Pokémon to be used? Or maybe you want to switch out that Pidgey I'm using and wait for a Doduo? There are plenty of other things as well and they will all be explained further down! I know some of you have to be saying "but what if a Pokémon "dies"'? Well, this is where we start bending the rules. I am allowing people to "purchase" Revives! There will, of course be a cap on how many times a particular "dead" Pokémon can be revived. We wouldn't want it to stray too far from the normal rules of a Nuzlocke challenge, right? Keep in mind that the normal capture rule of the Nuzlocke Run is that you may only capture one Pokémon per route, and it must be the first Pokémon that you run into. Also, did I mention that there will be prizes? Yeah, there will totally be prizes.


Where is This Happening?

I will be hosting everything on LIVESTREAM under the account I made for the podcast: PKMNcast. Having trouble finding me? Not a problem at all! You can just click on this link:


When is This Happening?

It is also important to stay informed! Please note that times and dates are subject to change. There is also the possibility that I will be adding more days during the summer! I urge you to check the site, listen to the most current episodes of "It's Super Effective!", and follow SBJ, @draggingalake, myself @SuperBayleef, and the podcast, @pokemonpodcast, on Twitter to stay informed! 


Donation Price List

- *Choose Player Name:

- *Choose Rival Name:

- *Choose Starter Pokémon:

- *"Special" Starter Pokémon: I am not listing a specific price for this. Rather, I will say that for a high   donation amount I will allow the donator to choose, from any of the available Pokémon, which Pokémon should be used as a starter (certain Pokémon are excluded such as Legendaries or Pokémon that may start out too powerful)

- Replace a Party Pokémon:

- Purchase 1 Revive for a "Dead" Pokémon:

- **Capture a Specific Pokémon:

- ***Go on a Safari Zone Hunt:

- ****Capture a Legendary Pokémon:


* - This is just a starting price. The highest bid will win.

** - The number of times that I will do this is limited

*** - I will do my best to capture the rarest and most powerful Pokémon that I encounter, and the person who makes the donation will be allowed to choose one Pokémon out of all of the Pokémon caught in that Safari Zone game and will be able to replace a Pokémon currently in my party with that Pokémon. If nothing is caught, I will go into the Safari Zone again. I promise at least one catch. The number of times that I will do this is limited.

**** - The Legendary Pokémon will be caught using the Master Ball acquired through playing the game, therefore this is on a first-come-first-served basis


Prize List and Information

Note - Prizes will only be administered upon completion of the storyline.

I'm sure to many of you, this is pretty important. Well I can't say I blame you. The following is a list of the available prizes to those that donate, as well as the condition(s) for obtaining them (keep in mind that the prize list is subject to change, so it is important to stay informed):

- *The person who donates the largest (total) amount of money will win a shirt of their own choosing from the PKMNcast store, a spot on an upcoming episode of "It's Super Effective!" and **a Pokémon of their own choosing bred by yours truly!

- *The person who donates the second largest amount of money will win a shirt of their own choosing

- For every $10 a person donates, their name will be entered into a drawing. Plenty of awesome prizes will be abailable, so more donations mean more chances to win!


*Only available sizes

**Pokémon will come with requested Nickname, Nature, Ability, Egg Move(s), and IVs. If a specific gender is needed, please include an explanation along with the aformentioned information. Please allow up to 1 week for breeding for difficult requests.


We're Finally Done!

Well everyone, thanks for sticking with me through all of that. I'm really excited to start this, and I hope that I can get everyone else excited about it too. Now let's go out there, have some fun, and raise some money for the Pokémon site that we all love so it can stay strong and continue bringing us all the podcast we love!