The One Who Adds Commentary To Her Own Post

For me, I have known Pokemon for as long as I can remember. Stevie or SBJ, or whatever else you guys call him, is eight years older than me. We have an older sister, one year older than him and another sister who is four years older than me and four years younger than him, and finally we have a younger brother who is a year younger than me, and well Pokemon was a common name in our household-- even if our parents did call it (and still do) Pokeman. I remember stealing Red and Blue from my older siblings and watching the TV show every Saturday on the KidsWB. There was also going to the theaters to see the first movie, and getting the limited time card. And as far as merchandiser we had a lot of it; from a Pikachu umbrella to the keychains and every plush toy possible. Steven had a Pokemon birthday party, and we had hundreds of cards, it was just amazing and that's what I remember from my childhood.

So yes, I can safely say that Pokemon has had a HUGE impact on my life, but far as being a “Pokemon Master” and what not, even though I like to say I am in, in reality I don't think I would technically meet the requirements needed. I really never took the game seriously, which is a bad habit I am experiencing now, as I have yet to beat Black. I never really picked Pokemon based on there abilities, but moreso on their appearance (what can I say? Jigglypuff was my favorite when I was five and now Espeon and Gardevoir are.), which is something I still somewhat do, though I actually care about their movesets and stats now, but I still want my team to look good and everything. And I never really have beaten a game without some help from one of my brothers, so me as a Pokemon Master, not so much, but it makes me feel good about myself when I say I am, so let's just stick with it. :D(Reading back I now realize I went down the rambley path. Well, okay then, let's continue with this.)

A year ago, when Stevie told me what he was creating (and I do like to think I was the first one he told, which is probably not the case, but I was among the top five, so shh.) I really didn't know what to say. The idea was wonderful, and me knowing Stevie like I do, knew he could make his plan work. When he first showed me the site, I was a little awestruck, because it was really lovely and although I had to spell and grammar check it, but that was probably the first time I could actually see where this could go, but of course I never really believed there were be so many of you, willing to listen to my brother talk about Pokemon for over an hour each time. Really, I am astonished at what he and all you guys achieved in the last year. To think all of this started out in the childlike mind of a 22-year-old nerd, who would “accidentally” hit restart if you were beating him in a video game, it is more than incredible.

I truthfully I really don't know what the future holds for the Pokemon Podcast, but I know my brother and I know a lot of you. I all of the dedication and love put into the podcast, so it wouldn't surprise me if Stevie was an eighty year old man and still rambling about Pokemon and I'm sure most of you would still be there to listen and that is what I love about this community. The willingness to carry out and turn something like my lifestyle at age six, into something special. We may not all agree on whether or not Arceus should exist or not, or if Mew really is the most powerful Pokemon, but we can agree that no matter our ages, Pokemon will forever be amazing and that it has brought us together. (Oh wow, that sounds so sappy) And because I really don't know how to end this, if you are still reading this (really, what is wrong with you?) then you can decided how this ends. So this has been a post by Sarah (we don't see those often) and this is her saying Happy One Year Anniversary to the Pokemon Podcast! It has been an honor being apart of something so wonderful.

[Insert creative ending here.]