Ex-ceptional Way to Combat EXs and Dragons

Pokemon Worlds wrapped up and the MVP is going to be Darkrai EX. Don’t have a Darkrai yet? They’re coming out in tins at the end of the September. So instead of paying out the rear end for them for the modest price of $15-ish you can take home a Darkrai EX and a bunch of packs. The biggest take away here is that you need to run cards with utility. Utility is huge and making the most of every single card in your deck will help you over come and defeat your opponents. Lets talk about some Pokemon that may be worth splashing into your decks. 

Bouffalant is a machine. It’s attack, Gold Breaker, is designed to combat EXs. While 120 damage only one shots Shaymin and Mew it is still a huge chunk of damage onto an EX and puts it within easy KO range of almost any other Pokemon. Its ability, same as the Pokemon tool Eviolite, makes him a decent wall as we

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067 Inception

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SBJ and David invite eSeamus from the Bouncing Wailord podcast over to talk about what some believe are the top 10 most disappointing Pokémon Games. We go over news about CoroCoro scans, as well as talk about Valentine's Day and recap Mewtwo's birthday. - ENJOY!

Host: SBJ | Guests: David & eSeamus

Rare Article: (Not as Obvious) Pokemon that Should Have Different Typing

It was Mewtwo's birthday this week. What a great holiday! Many players think that Mewtwo should be Psychic/Dark type. And then there's Gyarados, which seems more like Water/Dragon than Water/Flying. While we're at it, shouldn't Charizard have Dragon as its secondary type?

But all of these are obvious examples. What Pokémon are out there that deserve a different typing that aren't quite as salient? Don't worry. That little brain of yours doesn't have to do any more flexing than it needs to, because I've got a handy list here after the jump.
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Happy Birthday Mewtwo!

Just wanted to stop for a second and give Mewtwo a proper birthday shout out! I hope all of you can take some time today to celebrate the day that Mew gave birth to one of the most popular Pokémon known to date. While your eating your cake and remembering your fond memories of how you wasted your Masterball before you got to Mewtwo in Red/Blue - remember... Mewtwo will always be somewhere in your heart... or just a free download off Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection.

Mewtwo Wi-Fi Event

Starting February 12th, English copies of Black and White will be able to download Mewtwo via Wi-Fi! It will come with Electro Ball, a move it cannot normally learn. The Mewtwo will more than likely match the Mewtwo that was given out in Japan last September forPokemon Smash, which came at Level 70, knew Electro Ball, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Psystrike, and was holding a King’s Rock. The end date for this download event was not announced.

060 H as in Homeless

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SBJ tackles things with Travis and our Tumblr Editor, Saul. We talk about how SBJ will be homeless soon, Pokémon news including the new RPG DS game announce in Japan, as well as, PokéPark 2. On top of all that, we go over a Featured Team. Also touching on a holiday themed Pokémon of the Week!

Host: SBJ | Guests: Travis & Saul

060 H as in Homeless

Rare Article: TCG n' VGC

If some of you follow my Twitter or even listen to me on the podcast, you have probably figured out that I have been in love with the Pokémon TCG recently. There is are a couple reasons why, but I want to assure all of you that this article isn’t really a TCG article, but more so, an article about where I would like to see the video game line of Pokemon to go.

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Concept Corner: Under the influence...OF HUMANITY :O

Hmmmmmmyessssssss.Ladies and gentlemen, the interactions between Pokemon and humans is a broad topic, which was touched apon previously in teh topic of man-made Pokemon. Today, we're doing something very similar. There have always been those who wish to tamper with teh natural order of the Pokemon world, be it an evil orginization or a wayward scientist. Like this gentleman beside this text, the people who tamper with nature's little spawn tend to be portrayed in a negative light, as evil beings who take sick pleasure in messing with the way things work. We honestly don't see too much evidence of direct human interference creating and altering Pokemon species, but there is much evidence in the detail and framework, between the worlds of the games and anime. And this is what we're going to examine a little today, finishing off by completing the discussion on Mewtwo from last article, including how his personality changed due to humanity's involvement, summing up a sort of positive/negative series of effects. So, into the science-mobile!
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