Preparing Leftovers

Leftovers now has a twitter account. Follow us here: @iuseleftovers

Members can also now access the Leftovers page. Since it is for more "mature" users due to content, in order to see the page, users must make an account with us! Once an account is made, your name will be on a hold for 3-5 Days. This is so SBJ can verify that you have logged into the site and prevent against spam accounts and/or fake accounts. Logging in will cause a Leftover button to appear on the right column under the orange navigation buttons. 

We will let you guys know as soon as the RSS feed is ready and appears in iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.

Now something a little different. As some of you guys know, running a site that has gotten this big has become very time consuming. I love doing it! You guys are the best fans ever. I want to take the site to high levels, but after prepping the newest shirt, money is an issue. Don't worry, the new shirt is being made, but it's very expensive to make then the last 4 shirts, that being said, it's the best shirt yet.

Now I wouldn't ask for money from you guys ever. That's not how I rollout. I can't believe how far this site has come, and I was thinking that I could help you guys and your projects, work, ideas, etc. 

PKMNcast gets over 700+ unique visitors a day. On top of that, we get 120,000+ site views a month. We are not the biggest Pokemon site out there, but we do really well! "It's Super Effective" is also one of the top 200 Video Game podcasts in iTunes, reaching the top 50 when a new episode drops. There are over 40,000 Video game related podcasts in iTunes.

So this is what Leftovers can do for you.

For $10 we will talk about what ever you want for 2 mins. We will air it on at least 2 episodes of Leftovers (and/or depending on content "It's Super Effective"). Not only that, but we will post your Website/Twitter name for said ad on our Twitter, as well as, feature your Ad on our Leftovers splash page for at least a week. 

So this is what $10 gets you.

• (1) 2 min Ad that will air at least twice.
• Twitter shout out for your Twitter and Website (if provided)
• Ad spot on the Leftovers page on for at least a week.
• Ad notes in our podcast show notes for that episode.

You can have us advertise anything. Your podcast, your website, your Twitter, your App, your Tumblr, your cat's Twitter, your Facebook group, your new crazy invention, your broken XBox your trying to sell, anything! 

For more details e-mail us

If you want to advertise with us, click here.

Can't wait till next week!