Rustling Grass - Episode 002

Rustling Grass Episode 002: Poli-Rob

What's Your Favorite Pokemon: My Favourite Pokemon seems to change as often as my underwear (which is often, honest) but if I were to really think about it then I would probably choose Lucario. To me, he is probably the coolest looking Pokemon. His design is awesome and I love his typing. Since I first had him in Pearl he has been a mainstay in my teams, even earning the captains armband (soccer reference). 

What Was Your First Pokemon Experience: I remember Pokemon RED/BLUE came...

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058 M as in Marriland

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This week PKMNcast presents a full cast with the one and only, Marriland. David and SBJ talk with Marriland about the video game and trading card game. In this episode we also cover the new Movies coming this Dec, as well as, a bit about Dark Rush. A big thanks to @devoncarrots for arranging Marriland to be on the show. A big thank you to Marriland and all of the fans who support both sites for listening. 

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Host: SBJ | Guests: Marriland and David

058 M as in Marriland

Tumblr All Day

 Since today is President's Day, the Diglett Cave is going on a Tumblr marathon. Join us all day for some great posts!

The Diglett Cave has a whole new "fancy" look. On top of that, we are almost up to 150 followers. Pretty cool!

Enjoy your day off if you have one, otherwise stay tuned here or the Diglett Cave to keep you entertained. 

Also, jump over to the PokéTalk forums for some chats. 



002 Connecting With Fans

002 Connecting With Fans from Pokémon Podcast on Vimeo.

In this episode, SBJ and Catie PKMN battle on the big screen. We also show some clips from our LIVE Show, episode 025. On top of that, we through in another YouTube video. Review us and e-mail your review prior to Feb 1st to WIN a Pikachu Charger!!