Let's Draw Pokémon Day!

The guys over at ALBOTAS invented a new Holiday called "Let's Draw Pokémon Day"! It's taking place in just a couple days, Sept 30, to be exact. Want to participate in this amazing holiday? We know you do, so here is the details. You draw a picture of your Pokémanz of choice and sent it to them. The won't post any pictures until Sept 30th, then what they are going to do is unleash all of them on their blog throughout the day, pretty sweet, right!

You can join them on Facebook and find there site right HERE!

They have over 1000 people that say they are participating. Crazy right? 

We have you all you fans, and we think your amazing, so represent us well you PokéNerds!

Amazing Shirt!

We found this shirt on ALBOTAS.com. It's a pretty sweet Pokémon shirt that you can vote on right here to turn it into a real shirt. Trust us, you want this to be a real shirt. You can find other cool shirts on Threadless, but this is Pokémon... so it's extra cool! There is less then 48 hours to vote on this shirt, so do it SOON!!!


Vote here: Link
Source here: Link

Double Links!

Our Top 5 Pokémon Websites

We love Pokémon, obviously, so we put together our favorite sites that we check often and just enjoy visiting. Please let us know your input on our list. In other words, let us know what sites we missed! The Podcast can use some more talking points for a future episode. That being said, here we go!


5. GameFAQs So this isn't technically a Pokémon site. It's a site to get info, the guides, cheats... everything to make it through your game. Let's be honest though. Anyone playing any of the Pokémon games probably used this site many times. Don't lie to yourselves now.


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004 Breeding to Tournaments

Just finished recording the 4th Episode. We had brownkidd on this week from this sweet site called: Albotas.

We talked about a lot of stuff, here is a copy and paste of it from the iTunes info:

Steve pairs up with Aaron again and has a special guest from Albotas.com - brownkidd! We talk about the Pokémon Tournaments ending in Hawii. We also review another team, as well as, talk about a water-type Pokémon. Can you guess who? Rate us in iTunes!

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