PKMN of the Week: Cyndaquil

Something you can say about most people who love Pokémon, either the video game, card game, cartoon, manga, or whatever else - they have a favorite Pokémon.  It seems strange that you would, in the most objective sense Pokémon are just tools that, in comparison with other role-playing games, are the equivalent of swords, spells, and tools.  Would you say they have personality?  Yet people identify with their favorite Pokémon.  They extend from the utility in the game and create something greater than what is presented in game or through the Pokédex entries.

Honestly, my favorite Pokémon these days tend to be the Dark-types.  While the translated-from-Japanese typing actually comes across as Evil-type, I agree with the translators that this isn't a good match.  Dark comes closer to indicating that these dudes may use some shady tactics but you can still use them for your altruistic purposes.

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Saturday Sketch

Hello everyone!

Today is the last day of March!

This month was pretty awesome, but if you were at MGC over the last weekend you would already know it! 

Anyways let’s move on to this week’s Saturday Sketch! 

Kyogre Groudon Legends

Two cards that have been  “100% self drawn,” by the user  ~MapleDragon on deviantART 

I really enjoyed the artwork put into these cards, they look like they could be the real deal!

The artist also does some more Pokémon inspired art, and these other works look pretty awesome, you all should defiantly check them out!


That’s the Saturday Sketch for this week!


If you haven’t already be sure to listen to the latest episode - MGC Recap Episode – 072

And check out the PokéSnap to see some of the fun we all had at MGC – PokéSnap


Also in the next couple weeks PKMNcast will have a Panel at C2E2! If you’re in the Chicago area swing by and try to check it out! - C2E2 Info Page

Thanks for viewing the Saturday Sketch!

The Crystal Ball of Next Destinies Pre-release

Prereleases are upon us. Next Destinies is right around the corner and I have some quick predictions for cards that will help take you to the winners seat at your prerelease.

First and foremost as we’ve seen in almost every build of deck being played anything with an “outrage” ability is worth the time of day. Zekrom and Reshiram are both being reprinted and I can confidently say that in any type of deck you draft these two are worth it. The other “outrage” like ability is Regigigas’ raging hammer. 4 energy is a bit slower than I’d like in a limited deck but still very strong.

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Using Revive on Base Set Feelings

So normally I rant on and on about some silly strategy or what cards you should be keeping an eye on but this week I want to get emotional. On Christmas Eve my mother was explaining to my aunts the kind of turnout my game store has for Pokemon events, “Over 90 kids! All older than 16!”. My aunt replied with a statement like “Over cards? Pokamons are still popular?!”.  I stepped in and explained to her my draw to the game. I tried to explain what a meta-game was and how the fun of playing competitively and matching wits is challenge. The more I think about it, it is only a small draw that comes from that competitive high. The bigger draw for me is the nostalgia. There is an eight year old Vinnie inside me that still jumps around when I now pull a full art card. He still gets nervous in the thrill of the heat of a Pokemon battle. He still would trade any non-holo for a holo because shiny cards are better. At the end I’m going to post a link to an article by Steve Bogda where he talks about pulling his first Charizard and completing his Pokemon set, its amusing and comforting to know I’m not the only one hanging onto this kind of nostalgia.

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Getting Ready To Deal With My EX's

There was a time when I up and quit the Pokémon TCG. It was dramatic and over the top but deserved. I quit when I played my brother’s first deck that had a Pokémon EX in it. The next set contains the all-powerful Pokémon EX. I probably won’t end up quitting but I can promise there will be a serious change in game play.

Several cards I think will jump in value both in play and online. The first being...

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Comment or I'll One Hit KO

So I’ve got a proposed deck list for the new Noble Victors set. I am most likely going to build this but I want your input. Read though the deck list and my thoughts on how it would match up and play. Then tell me I’m wrong in every way and tell me how you’d fix this list.
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Helmet Required, Deck Construction in Progress

The worst way to lose is an early game KO where your deck just doesn’t preform. The Pokemon TCG is a game of chance so maybe, by chance, you don’t draw a single energy or Professor Oak’s new theory in the first three turns and your opponent has fully set up and is picking off easy KO’s. Worse maybe you have only that lone basic and all energy, Slowpoke’s Whimsy Tackle can only do so much. The new Poketools in Noble Victories can help you stall for the extra turn that you need or maybe even a KO without even attacking.
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The Pokémon TCG HGSS-on Metagame Analysis for Dummies Summary and Giveaway: Machamp

You may find yourself a bit puzzled by the title of this  TCG article. You may be thinking, “Who you callin' a dummy foo?” There will be answers all in good time my smart friend. What you are really interested in is the word, “giveaway”. Yes there will be a, “giveaway”. No catch, but again, all in good time. For now I will GIVE YOU... MACHAMP!!!! But first and foremost, in writing this article and in future articles I am assuming you have read the rulebook and or understand the rules to the Pokémon Trading Gard Game. If not, you can read up at .

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No One Will Call Me Professor

Hey Pokefans. I’m one of the new Pokemon TCG editors. I’m going to be straight with you. I’m awful at the video games. I preorder every one thinking that I will be determined to beat it and love it and 100% the game. I have just gotten past the 3rd gym in Pokemon Black and I also just had to get up and check which game I owned.  I picked Snivy for my starter and my team has a level 1 Pidove on it, not even holding an item. What I can do well is explain the Pokemon TCG to you. I can strategize on the same level about the TCG that the other editors bring the video game and broaden your view of the Pokemon world.


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What we want to see in Pokemon 3DS 3DS

The next Pokemon game is set to be announced soon. But while most people will be wondering what colours Nintendo will use next, we've been having a much harder think about the next instalment.

There's no doubt it will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS (at least one version anyway), and we can't really see Nintendo breaking away from the tried, tested, and loved formula.

Then again, change can be an exciting prospect - and the 3DS's capabilities mean that the next Pokemon world could be like no other we've galavanted around before.
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