Helmet Required, Deck Construction in Progress

The worst way to lose is an early game KO where your deck just doesn’t preform. The Pokemon TCG is a game of chance so maybe, by chance, you don’t draw a single energy or Professor Oak’s new theory in the first three turns and your opponent has fully set up and is picking off easy KO’s. Worse maybe you have only that lone basic and all energy, Slowpoke’s Whimsy Tackle can only do so much. The new Poketools in Noble Victories can help you stall for the extra turn that you need or maybe even a KO without even attacking.

Let’s look at Rocky Helmet: If the Pokemon this card is attached to is your active Pokemon and is damaged by an opponent’s attack, put 2 damage counters on the attacking Pokemon. In the TCG there aren’t a lot of ways to disrupt your opponent’s turn, this card gives your opponent more to have to think about. Another great way to think about this card, assuming your opponent is going to attack every turn, is it’s basically two plus powers. This card is a fantastic first turn drop before your opponent can start taking big swings and the best filler card available. It will work in any deck. 

The second card, Eviolite: If the Pokemon this card is attached to is a Basic Pokemon, any damage done to this Pokemon by attacks is reduced by 20.  Again, another great first turn play on that beginning basic. This card can also be a huge wall on any of the legendary dragons or dogs. Zekrom especially benefits from it, the 40 damage it would deal to itself is also reduced by 20. Another shining star that this card works well with is Cleffa, probably the most commonly played starter in the format. Giving your Cleffa a little armor puts it out of easy KO range for a lot of attacks and makes it immune to Yanmega’s bench sniping.

These cards may not win you games but they’re little pushes towards the victory cup. You have the Poketools now build the deck.